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Moscow Criticized Zelenskyy’s Call for Travel Ban on Russians

Moscow says that the Ukrainian leader’s remarks urging western nations to slap a travel ban on Russians were off the charts

Moscow Called the Zelensky’s Travel Ban Proposal off the Charts

Russia announced that the Ukrainian President’s proposal to ban all Russian nationals from western nations went off the charts, and Moscow oversaw it negatively. Zelensky told the Washington Post newspaper that recent Western countries’ sanctions against Moscow were too weak. Further, he added that the Western countries should close their borders to Russians.

On Tuesday, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for Kremlin, told reporters that the ridiculousness of thinking in the case of banning Russian travel is off the charts. Any effort to isolate Russia or Russians is a process with no prospects. Furthermore, the Ukrainian President told the Washington Post that the most critical sanctions are to close the borders for Russians because they are capturing someone else’s island.

Zelensky’s remarks stand contrary to the first days of Russian forces’ interference in Ukraine when the Ukrainian leader used to reach out to Russian-based Moscow critics in Russian. Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President, called the Ukrainian leader the greatest Ukrainian clown on Twitter and even compared him to Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator.

End Tourism from Moscow

Last week, Finland announced a plan to limit tourist visas for Russian people. However, it stressed the need for a European Union (E.U.) decision on the travel ban. Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of Estonia, stated that it was time to end tourism visas from Russia. She wrote on her Twitter account that visiting Europe is a privilege, not a human right. Kallas added that air travel from Russia is closed, which is time to end tourism from Moscow.

In Paris, Russians can no longer visit the important tourist spot, Chateau de Vincennes. In late February, the French ministry announced they restricted access to Russians after Russian leader Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Russian aggression in Ukraine killed thousands of Ukrainians, forced millions to flee their homes, worsened food shortages, and soars energy prices worldwide.

Moscow Criticized Zelenskyy's Call for Travel Ban on Russians
Moscow Criticized Zelenskyy’s Call for Travel Ban on Russians
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In addition, the Finnish Foreign Ministry raised concerns that some Russian tourists used Finland as a transit country to enter the European Union before traveling on to their destination within the alliance. Now, the ministry is considering whether to stop issuing new visas to individuals who previously used Finland as a transit hub.

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