Home Updates NASA Shares first audio and video from Mars Perseverance rover

NASA Shares first audio and video from Mars Perseverance rover

NASA Shares first audio, video and footage from Mars Perseverance Rover

During its disturbing to the Mars surface last Thursday, the Perseverance rover of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) captured a video that the agency is calling ‘How to land on Mars.’ Moreover, the video, as well as other newly released footage, gives earthlings back Earth a better sound on the red planet and a sense of the sights.

As the rover warmly called at mission control, cameras on Percy show for the first time the viewpoint of a spaceship landing on Mars. Furthermore, the starts two hundred and thirty seconds after the rover entered the atmosphere of Mars, with the inflation of the parachute seven miles above the Martian surface, and ends with the rover touching down the surface of Mars.

A microphone on the rover also picked up the first audio of Mars, which took a few seconds of a Martian breeze as well as sounds of the rover operating once it reached the planet’s surface. Whereas the microphone didn’t capture any usable statistics of the descent itself – but it did survive the process. One can also listen to the sounds on the Twitter account of Mars Rover. The team suggests using headphones to listen to the first captured sounds.

The closest video of Perseverance’s descent

Associate administer for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate states that the video of Perseverance’s descent is the closest view to see without putting on a pressure suit. It will become compulsory viewing for young men and women who not only want to discover other worlds and made the spaceship that will take them there and also want to become part of the diverse space teams achieving all the brave goals in the future.

Perseverance’s first panorama of its landing site

They also shared the first panorama of Perseverance of its landing site. Whereas the previous spaceship also sent back movies which really just images stitched together in GIF format. However, Perseverance has cameras with the ability to capture video. Overall, the rover has twenty-three cameras, which include color and zooming capabilities as well.

Along with the attached helicopter (Ingenuity), the rover landed on Mars on 18th February 2021. Moreover, after landing, the rover relayed back information and images using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA. The orbiter has been circling the planet since 2006. The black-and-white images of the landing site of the rover were almost immediately available.

NASA Shares first audio and video from Mars Perseverance rover
NASA Shares first audio and video from Mars Perseverance rover
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Likewise, the rover shared color images last Friday. Additionally, the rover sent back a never-before-seen view: What it looks like to land on Mars. Steve Jurczyk, the Administrator of NASA, stated that for those people who wonder how you land on Mars – or why it is so tough, you need to look no further.

Further, he adds that Perseverance is just initiating and already shared some of the most iconic visuals in space exploration history. It strengthens the remarkable engineering level and accuracy to build and fly a spacecraft to Mars. Engineers and scientists refer to landing on the surface of Red Planet as the seven minutes of terror. The rover tumbles down through the thin Martian atmosphere and land itself; NASA didn’t provide it any assistance during the landing time because of a one-way eleven-minute delay.