Home Updates Newsom blames anti-vax extremists and ‘anti-mask for recall effort

Newsom blames anti-vax extremists and ‘anti-mask for recall effort

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, blamed anti-vax and anti-mask extremists for the increasing recall effort in the Golden State. The governor’s campaign sent an email out to his supporters on Monday saying he wouldn’t take the recall effort against him and his administration and urged email receivers to sign onto a petition opposing the far-right recall effort of the Republican Party in California.

Additionally, he claimed that the effort for his removal from the seat is a partisan, Republican recall from the anti-mask and anti-vax extremists along with pro-Trump forces trying to upturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Those forces also opposed much of what the Biden administration tried to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, the governor continues that the success of those forces will mean risking the progress the government is making to end the outbreak. His administration cannot allow it to happen. At the end of the email, Newsom wrote that he would fight the recall effort from the republicans because ending this deadly pandemic as soon as possible is very important. However, Trump loyalists and far right-wing Republicans delayed the whole process because of their negligence and ineligibility.

Recall Election needed to decide the direction of California

A spokesman for the RecallGavin2020, Randy Economy, told Fox News Newsom’s labeling of the campaign as an extremist movement was sad and that Newsom was restoring to political desperation. The economy says that Governor Newsom is restoring to political desperation. Finally, he accepted the need for a recall election this year to decide the direction of the state and his political fate. For him to continue to label the campaign of people as extremist is sad, pitiful, and goes to demonstrate how out of touch he really is.

Newsom blames anti-vax extremists and 'anti-mask for recall effort
Newsom blames anti-vax extremists and ‘anti-mask for recall effort
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Gavin Newsom doubled down on his battle against the Republican recall effort on Twitter. He announced not to distract by the partisan recall effort. Further, he added that vaccinated Californian residents, safely reopened the economy, and kids back in school are simply too important to risk. He also shared a link to petition against the recall effort at the end of his tweet and requested people to join.