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No Masks Needed for Fully Vaccinated People – Biden

On Tuesday, the President of the United States repeated the CDC’s latest guidance that fully vaccinated people no longer need face masks while outdoors except in crowded areas. The health agency released the updated guidance soon before Joe Biden set to provide an update on the coronavirus pandemic.

The president said that the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention made a significant announcement. Starting today, if you receive a complete dose of vaccination, then you didn’t need to wear a mask while going outside, except in a big crowd. He noted that masks still compulsory in crowded areas, like a music concert.

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He said that, however, when it comes to gathering with a lot of people in the park, one can do this without a mask. He noted that the CDC was able to change its guidelines related to COVID-19 because the odds of giving or getting the coronavirus are too minimum when out in the open air.

The president continued that after receiving the vaccination, you can do your daily routine things more safely and easily indoors and outdoors. Those people who are still not vaccinated should receive it from the vaccination centers. The vaccine saves your life and others around you, and it is about getting back to normal life.

No Masks Needed for Fully Vaccinated People – Biden
No Masks Needed for Fully Vaccinated People – Biden
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Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, said earlier Tuesday during a White House coronavirus news briefing before the president’s press briefing that present scientific sign shows there are several situations where fully inoculated people don’t need to wear a face mask, specifically when they are going outside.

Walensky stated those people who received full vaccination dose, or two weeks post-2nd dose of either Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or fourteen days past the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine, can attend a small outdoor gathering with people who get vaccinated or unvaccinated or outdoor with friends from several households without a face mask.

During the news briefing, Walensky noted that less than ten percent of documented COVID-19 transmission occurred outdoors, and with mounting rates of vaccination and declining rates of new cases, the CDC motivated to update its guidance.

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