Home Updates North Korea Slams South’s Offer of Aid for Denuclearization

North Korea Slams South’s Offer of Aid for Denuclearization

A North Korean report claims that President Yoon Suk Yeol's offer of economic support suggests the proposal is "really simple," according to state media KCNA

North Korea Slams South's Offer of Assistance for Denuclearization

The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un slammed Seoul’s offer to provide economic aid in exchange for denuclearization steps. Kim Yo-jong said it was “the height of absurdity.” “No one would trade their destiny for corn cake!” she added. Yoon Suk-yeol, the president of South Korea, reiterated Wednesday the plan, which he first discussed in May. Yoon should “shut up,” said Ms. Kim on Friday, but she called him “simple and childish.”

In his inauguration speech, Yoon proposed an “audacious plan” to end North Korea’s nuclear program in exchange for economic cooperation. Throughout the week, he has reaffirmed the offer. As part of his denuclearization negotiations, he said his government would implement a large-scale food program, help with power generation, improve the agriculture sector, and implement other measures to modernize the nation’s ports, trade routes, hospitals, and economy.

On Wednesday, at a press conference marking his first hundred days in office, the South Korean president reiterated that if the North halted nuclear weapon development and took steps toward nuclear disarmament, he would provide phased economic help. The remarks by MS Kim on Friday are the first direct comments from a North Korean official.

North Korea Slams South's Offer of Aid for Denuclearization
North Korea Slams South’s Offer of Aid for Denuclearization
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Strong Regret” over Kim Yo Jong’s Comments

In the KCNA report, Kim Yo Jong dismissed the proposal and pointed personal attacks at Yoon Suk-yeol. Furthermore, according to KCNA, they think that the plan to negotiate economic cooperation for their honor and bombs is a great dream, goal, and hope for Yoon, but they realize that he is still childish. On Friday, the Unification Ministry of South Korea responded to express strong regret over the disrespectful remarks of Yo Jong.

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