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North Korea warned US of Crisis Beyond Control

North Korea warned the United States of Crisis Beyond Control in the Near Future

North Korea warned the United States of Crisis Beyond Control

North Korea warned America that it would face a crisis beyond control in the upcoming months and accused South Korea of carrying out an unbearable provocation against Pyongyang (the capital and largest city of North Korea) in back-to-back statements released on Sunday. These remarks might set the stage for a showdown between the three nations.

In a statement, North Korea blamed United States President Joe Biden for giving a statement in a speech to Congress on Thursday, the nuclear program of Pyongyang presents a severe threat to the U.S. and global security. In another statement, the country accused America of engaging in political deception last week, when the U.S. State Department called North Korea one of the most brutal and dictatorial states globally.

Furthermore, a 3rd statement attributed to Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Hong Un, warned South Korea to face costs after North Korea’s defectors used balloons to send flyers into the territory of North Korea. The remarks came after when the press secretary of Joe Biden said on Friday that the government completed a months-long policy review on North Korea.

America plans to follow a practical, standardized approach that differs from the former president Donald Trump’s government strategy of pursuing an impressive bargain or the focus of Barack Obama’s emphasis on strategic patience. Moreover, Biden and Moon Jae-in, his South Korean counterpart, scheduled to meet in Washington this month.

Additionally, the statements of North Korea specifically focused on what it perceived as insults from the South Korean administration, the American president, and the U.S. State Department, and all employed the bombastic language usually seen in the statements of North Korea of displeasure or opposition.

North Korea warned US of Crisis Beyond Control
North Korea warned the United States of Crisis Beyond Control
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Biden Remarks on North Korea were a Big Blunder

Responding to the remarks of the U.S. State Department on human rights in North Korea, the North Korean Foreign Ministry, Ri Son-Gwon, said the United States has no right even to converse human rights. The statement also read that the United States, where common citizens lose their lives to racism and social inequality on a daily basis, where around five lac and eighty-thousand people died of coronavirus pandemic, is itself a human rights wasteland.

The director-general of the Department of United States Affairs at North Korean Foreign Ministry, Kwon Jong Gun, said that the comments of the U.S. President on North Korea during his speech were a big blunder from him that was revealing an obsolete policy from Cold War-minded viewpoint and perspective.

Kwon said that his statement openly reflects his intentions to enforce the hostile policy toward the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as it had done by the United States for over fifty years. Now the critical U.S. new North Korea policy has become clear, they are bound to press for corresponding measures, and with time America will find itself in a very crucial situation.

Kim’s comment came in response to an activist firm led by a DPRK traitor released balloons into the terrorist of North Korea carrying money and anti-North Korea propaganda brochures in an effort to supply people inside one of the severest dictatorships of the world with open info about their nation and the other world.

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