Home Updates Now More Americans Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Than Ever

Now More Americans Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Than Ever

Mass Vaccination Sites in the United States are Shuttering Over the Decline in Demand

Mass vaccination sites across the United States announced plans to close in recent days because of insufficient demand, even though all American adults are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Palm Beach Post states that Palm Beach County, Florida, is closing three COVID-19 mass vaccination sites in favor of mobile vaccination efforts of the state officials after the sites were operating at only fifty percent capacity this week.

Closure of Vaccination Sites in Different States

Mass vaccination sites in North Carolina, Georgia, and Clarkesville will stop working by the May end, as per the announcement from the officials. Likewise, Summit County, Ohio, shut down a planned mass vaccination clinic on 27th April, citing decreased demand. Many Texas mass vaccination sites in Galveston and Williamson counties are closing down, and the officials of Galveston asked the state not to send the county more vaccine packs next week as the number of people making vaccine appointments declines.

Waukesha County, Wisconsin, will possibly shut down its mass vaccine site by the end of the current week, as the county hits its vaccination target of sixty percent of eligible residents. Additionally, some vaccination sites planned to shuttered before this week: Sites in Montana, Cascade County, and Las Vegas previously announced to shut down last week. Whereas Mercer County, Ohio, shut down its drive-through mass vaccine site at the start of this month.

Furthermore, officials are reporting apparent decreases in the number of individuals getting vaccinated in areas where sites are not shutting down, including in Maine, Missouri, Maryland, Texas, Idaho, and Alabama, where Governor Larry Hogan foresaw Wednesday the state would shuttering mass vaccination sites soon.

Now More Americans Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Than Ever
Now More Americans Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Than Ever
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Seven-Day Average Inoculated Number of People in the U.S.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analysis, the 7-day average of coronavirus vaccines administered in the United States is 3.02 million daily as of Wednesday. At the same time, that average is progressively declining in the last few days after peaking at roughly 3.3 million doses per day last week.

Even as several vaccine clinics are shuttering, other areas are opening new locations such as Lake County – Illinois, Jefferson County – Alabama, Tysons Corner – Virginia, Harford County – Maryland, and New York City, where the residents of New York will be soon able to receive the vaccination at the iconic American Museum of Natural History.

Over half of the American adults now received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine as the nation raised vaccinations and experienced an influx in supply in recent weeks, and all states now opened eligibility to all American adults after United States President Joe Biden ordered states to expand access to the vaccine by 19th April.

The new deadline from the president comes as the country became close to the point at which vaccine supply will exceed demand, with the analysis of Kaiser Family Foundation released on Tuesday estimating that all American adults who want to receive the vaccination will receive a minimum one dose of the vaccine within the next two to four weeks.

With the looming of that milestone, attention is turning to the nationals who still are unwilling or uncertain to receive vaccination – a considerable share of the population, with KFF analysis that as of March, thirty-seven percent of Americans planned to either wait and see about the COVID-19 vaccine, would only get if required or don’t plan to in inoculated at all.

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