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Origins of Coronavirus May Never be Known – US Intelligence

U.S. intelligence agencies, releasing a more detailed version of their review of the origins of the coronavirus, said that they might never be able to find the answer

Origins of COVID-19 May Never be Identified – US Intelligence Agencies

In the latest evaluation of where the coronavirus started, the Office of the United States Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) stated that a lab leak and an animal-to-human virus transmission were both credible for how the virus spread. However, at the same time, the office accepts that they could not gather enough information to reach a final decision. In other words, they announced that they might never be able to find the origins of the pandemic.

ODNI stated in the released report that analysts disagree on which is more possible or whether any conclusive assessment can be made at all. Furthermore, the report sacked proposals that the COVID-19 originated as a bioweapon, saying followers of this theory don’t have direct access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and accused of spreading disinformation across the world.

The Friday report is an update of a ninety-day review that the government of President Joe Biden released in August, amid forceful political squabbling over how much to blame China for the effects of the worldwide pandemic instead of governments that might not move quick enough to protect and save residents.

China has Criticised the ODNI Report

On the other hand, China rejected and criticized the U.S. intelligence report. A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, Liu Pengya, wrote in an emailed statement that the moves of the United States relying on its intelligence kit rather than scientists to track the origins of coronavirus is an apparent political farce. The statement added that it would only weaken science-based origins study and hinder the worldwide effort to identify the source of the virus.

Origins of Coronavirus May Never be Known – US Intelligence
Origins of Coronavirus May Never be Known – US Intelligence Agencies
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Global Scientific Community Lacked Clinical Samples

United States spy agencies believe that they will not be able to produce a more conclusive explanation for the origin of coronavirus without the latest information representing that the coronavirus took a specific way from animals to humans or that a laboratory of Wuhan was handling the COVID-19 or a related virus before it surfaced.

Furthermore, the report said that United States agencies and the worldwide scientific community lacked a complete understanding of epidemiological statistics or clinical samples from the initial coronavirus cases and could revisit this questionable finding if more origin evidence surfaces.

China faced global criticism for failing to collaborate more fully in investigations of the origins of the coronavirus. The Chinese embassy statement also criticized that criticism. It said that they have been supporting science-based efforts on tracing the origins and will continue to stay actively involved.

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