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Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Invokes Antisemitic Remarks

Shah Mehmood Qureshi made an anti-Semitic Slur instead of focusing on the UN finding a solid solution to Hamas and Israel Conflict

In an interview with CNN, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi made an anti-Semitic remark instead of focusing on the United Nations finding a solid solution to the fight between Hamas and Israel. Moreover, the top Pakistani diplomat said Thursday that the pressure of public opinion was growing, and a truce happened between the two sides.

Bianna Golodryga of CNN asked him what their connections are? Qureshi responded they are very influential people, and they control the media. In response, Golodryga responded to the remarks of Qureshi as an anti-Semitic remark. On Thursday, Golodryga repetitively called out Pakistani foreign minister on-air comments as anti-Semitic during the Amanpour program.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance describes a working definition of anti-Semitism as the myth regarding a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the economy, media, government, or other societal institutions. Speaking from the United Nations office of CNN in New York, Pakistan’s top diplomat said of Israel:

The fact is they have a huge influence, and they receive a lot of coverage. The citizen correspondent who has been reporting, sharing different video clips and that shook people and woken up them, and the people who were sitting on the fence are today raising their voices.

Further, Qureshi asks the anchor, do you see how in various capitals of the world, in Madrid and London, in Chicago, Michigan, every region from European capitals to Sydney, people came out and demanding to end Israel insanity. All of them are calling for an immediate truce. Whereas the Security Council failed to release a joint statement and forging an agreement.

Whether Qureshi could Support calls for Peace without anti-Semitic Conflict?

According to some reports, people across the world were protesting about the Israeli-Palestinian fight; according to some reports, there was a rise in anti-Semitic acts in nations such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Golodryga pressed Qureshi to whether he could support peace without anti-Semitic remarks; he said that he wouldn’t overlook the aerial bombardment or the rocket attacks that took place.

The Pakistani foreign minister denied that he used anti-Semitic comments. When there’s occupation, when there’s a war crime, when there’s genocide – one doesn’t engage, there are no negotiations, and then extremist elements take advantage of that situation. One can avoid the situation by following a two-state solution, by obeying the Security Council resolutions and implementing them, respecting them, fulfilling the previously made promises that usually have been broken.

The top Pakistani diplomat further adds that what he was saying is the perception. Look at the world’s perception. One can’t ignore and negate it. But the media can negate it by giving a balanced coverage.

Furthermore, the CNN anchor asked him whether he was able to be an honest diplomatic negotiator in the current conflict between Israel and Palestine and whether the lives of residents of both countries are equally important. He replied that he is objective, and he would want to be objective. Additionally, he adds that he will not condone the loss of life, and every human life is important to him. Golodryga personally requested the foreign minister to please avoid using anti-Semitic tropes. Qureshi replied he has never been anti-Semitic, and he never will be.

Pakistan, along with other Countries, Welcome Ceasefire

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Invokes Antisemitic Remarks
Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Invokes Antisemitic Remarks
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After the truce announcement from both sides, such as Israel and Hamas, Pakistan also praised the news of the ceasefire. Shah Mehmood Qureshi also tweeted to welcome the ceasefire announcement. He wrote that it is the power of mutual and unified action; there is the effort of every individual and every country together for a just peace cause. He hoped that the ceasefire might be the first step towards peace in Palestine.