Home Updates Past Coronavirus infection may provide months of immunity

Past Coronavirus infection may provide months of immunity

According to a study led by Public Health England, several people who previously had coronavirus may be protected from catching the virus again for at least five months. Past infection of the virus linked to eighty-three percent risk of getting COVID-19, compared with those who had never contracted with the virus, analysts found. However, health analysts warn that some people do catch coronavirus again – and can infect others. Moreover, officials force that people should follow the stay-at-home guidelines – whether or not they had COVID-19.

Save Lives from the Virus

Professor Susan Hopkins states that the results of the study were encouraging, suggesting immunity from the virus lasted greater than some people have fear, but protection from the coronavirus was by no means absolute. It specifically concerning some of those reinfected people who had high levels of the COVID-19 – even without symptoms – and remained at risk of infecting others, she said.

She adds that it means even if someone believes that he already had the virus and protected, he might reassure to develop severe infections, but there still a risk that he might acquire the virus infection and transmit it to others. Now, in particular, it is vital that people must stay at home to protect their health service and save lives. Previous year from June to November, almost twenty-one thousand healthcare workers across the United Kingdom regularly tested to see whether they:

  • had had it previously
  • currently had the COVID-19

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Of those health workers who had no antibodies to the coronavirus, suggesting they had never had it, three hundred and eighteen developed potential new infections within this duration, the tests indicated. However, among the 6,614 workers with antibodies of the virus, the figure was only forty-four.

Likely boost the natural immunity

Analysts will continue to observe the health care workers for one year to see how long immunity against the virus lasts. They will also look thoroughly at coronavirus cases with the new variant – which was not common at the time of this first analysis – and monitor the immunity of participants who receive the vaccination.

Past Coronavirus infection may provide months of immunity
Past Coronavirus infection may provide months of immunity
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A virus expert at the University of Leicester, Dr. Julian Tang, said the results reassured healthcare workers. He adds that having the coronavirus vaccine after recovering from the virus is not an issue and will likely increase natural immunity. He adds that they also see this with the seasonal flu vaccine. Therefore hopefully, the results from this study will reduce the worry of several health care worker colleagues who have concerns about getting coronavirus twice.