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Pentagon announced to Cancel Trump’s Border Wall Projects

On Friday, the Pentagon said that it had canceled previous projects related to former President Donald Trump’s border wall and reversed the money Trump directed to the project to defense programs. Deputy Pentagon spokesperson Jamal Brown states that the Department of Defense (DoD) is proceeding with canceling all projects regarding border barrier construction projects paid for with funds precisely planned for other military functions and missions such as the National Guard & Reserve equipment account, schools for military children and overseas military construction projects in partner countries.

Additionally, the United States Department of Homeland Security said it would repair dangerous soil erosion in San Diego and flood barriers in Texas resulting from wall construction under the Trump administration. Moreover, the department is continuing to review extensive issues because of the border wall construction of the previous government. The department said that the wall wouldn’t extend as part of the repair projects.

Furthermore, the White House stated that border wall construction under the former government tied up over 14 billion dollars in taxpayer funds, shortchanged the U.S. military, and diverted attention away from actual security challenges such as human traffickers. Chaotic and rushed wall construction also leads to severe environmental, life, and safety issues.

Biden Ordered to Stop Border Wall Construction on His First Day at White House

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, ordered to halt the construction of the border wall on his first day in the White House. It was one of the top priorities of the Trump administration. Donald Trump and Republican allies criticize Biden for contributing to a crisis-level migration flood on the Mexico border because of the reversal of the former government’s stricter migration policies.

Pentagon announced to Cancel Trump’s Border Wall Projects
Pentagon announced to Cancel Trump’s Border Wall Projects
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An anonymous Senate Democratic aide with knowledge of the contracts said that it secured fifteen billion dollars for the wall. But according to the Senate aide, it was actually $16.45 billion, $5.8 billion of which took by Congress and the rest diverted from the U.S. Defense & Treasury departments. Whereas in 2019, the American military said that over one hundred and twenty military construction projects would badly affect because of Trump’s move.

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