Home Updates President-elect Biden picks Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary

President-elect Biden picks Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary

President-elect Joe Biden picks Pete Buttigieg (former U.S. Navy officer) to be his transportation secretary, according to his statement on Tuesday. Buttigieg would be the first confirmed LGBTQ Cabinet secretary of the Senate. Biden says that Mayor Buttigieg is a problem-solver and patriot person who speaks to the best. He adds that he is nominating him for Secretary of Transportation because this designation stands at the nexus of several interlocking challenges and opportunities ahead.

Moreover, Biden adds that he sees the U.S. Department of Transportation as the site of some of the most striving strategies to build nation better and that he trusts Mayor Pete to lead this duty with focus, bold vision and politeness. The nomination – which represents the first time Biden called on one of his former Democratic presidential rivals to join his administration as a Cabinet secretary – vaults a contender Biden spoke brightly of after he primary into a top post in his upcoming administration and might earn Buttigieg what several Democrats believe is needed experience should he run for president again.

The role of coming transportation secretary expected to play a significant role in Biden’s push for a bilateral infrastructure package. Furthermore, Buttigieg perceived as a rising star of the Democratic Party but somebody who needed an apparent way to the higher elected office given the continual rightward shift of his home state of Indiana.

Buttigieg presidential campaign infrastructure plan

As a Democratic presidential candidate, Buttigieg announced a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that prioritized promoting the crumbling infrastructure of the country and expanding broadband internet access through payment to local and state governments. Buttigieg usually spoke about infrastructure on the campaign trail from the viewpoint of a small mayor, claiming that local governments such as he once ran needed people in Washington who comprehended their issues and needs.

As a mayor, Buttigieg led several infrastructural projects, including a program to make the sewers smart of the city as a technique to prevent flooding and a plan that got rid of several one-way streets in South bend’s downtown to invigorate the area. He talked up both of these programs on the campaign trail. The reforms of the infrastructure are the priority of Trump in his four years as president; instead, he took back seat to other issues.

Buttigieg usually blamed the administration for unable to do anything on infrastructure, writing in his strategy on the issue that the Trump’s team was unable to keep its promises to pass major infrastructure law, and crucial projects across the country are delayed because of it. So, in recent days, Buttigieg arose as the top candidate for the transportation secretary seat. Likewise, the former mayor was on the top of the list for some other posts, including United States ambassador to the UN and commerce secretary.

President-elect Biden picks Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary
President-elect Biden picks Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary
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Buttigieg initiated a courageous presidential campaign in 2019 and 2020, despite starting with little political experience or national recognition. He won the Iowa caucuses with a close margin, becoming the first gay presidential candidate in United States history to win primary delegates from a major party.

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