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GOP Representative Jordan Slammed Biden Gov. Policies

Rep. Jim Jordan, slammed the Biden government on Sunday for doing everything wrong, including inflation and a rise in crime

Republican Representative Jordan Slammed Biden Government Policies

On Sunday, the Republican Representative Jim Jordan slammed the Biden government for doing everything wrong. He also criticized the federal administration’s policies and said Biden gave Americans record inflation and crime during his first year in office. Jordan made the comments in an exclusive interview with Sunday Morning Futures three days after the revelation that annual inflation has been running swiftly in around four decades as extensive supply disruptions, staff shortages, and exceptional high consumer demand drive instantly surging prices.

According to the Personal Consumption Expenditures price Thursday statistics, prices climbed by 5.7% through November. It surpassed the previous month’s rate of around five percent, becoming the swiftest pace increase since February 1982, then the scale hit around 6.17 percent. Furthermore, the inflation rises mainly reflected increasing energy costs, which surged thirty-four percent from one year ago—likewise, food costs were up 5.6 percent over that same duration. In the same way, goods inflation rose 85 percent, and services inflation increased by 4.3 percent in November.

Jordan further argued that the U.S. people would like safe streets, they’d like freedom, and they’d like affordable gas. Instead, Biden gives them record inflation, record crime, and Dr/ Fauci. Afterward, he argued that the nation went from safe streets to record the crime in exactly eleven months. Representative continued that Americans went from a secure border to complete chaos. In the same way, the country went from stable prices to now record inflation, from predicting strength worldwide to the disaster that was the exit in Afghanistan.

Jordan also Blasts Build Back Better

The spokesman of the White House didn’t respond to the request of Fox News for comment. However, representative Jordan said that Senator Joe Manchin stays firm, and Biden’s so-called Build Back Better bill will never pass. While speaking on Fox News Sunday, Senator Manchin declared last Sunday that after some months of talks, he determined that there is no way he can support the president’s massive social spending bill.

GOP Representative Jordan Slammed Biden Gov. Policies
Republican Representative Jordan Slammed Biden Government Policies
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Moreover, he said that he talked with U.S. President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but unfortunately failed to reach an agreement on the legislation. In addition, Manchin said that between current inflation, geopolitical unrest, the national debt, and the Coronavirus pandemic. His fellow Democratic leaders pushed the bill too much. He declared that he couldn’t vote for the Build Back Better bill because he couldn’t justify it to his voters.

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