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Israel to Host US Official for Iran Nuclear Talks

Israel to Host United States Official for Iran Nuclear Negotiations

According to a senior Biden government official, Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser of the United States, will visit Israel this week to discuss Iran’s nuclear program with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Moreover, the visit expected to start on Tuesday comes as dialogs in Vienna over Iran returning to the 2015 nuclear agreement shown modest gains but remain far from a breakthrough.

The official told reporters that they would talk about where they see the nuclear program state of Iran and some of the timelines. It will be the best opportunity to sit down for direct talks about the atomic state. The Director of the National Security Council’s the Middle East, Brett McGurk, and other American officials will attend Sullivan. He will also meet Mohammed Abbas, the President of Palestine in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, to establish American relations with the Palestinians.

The Biden government returned to the 2015 Iran nuclear accord, from which former Republican President Donald Trump withdrew his country in 2018. Additionally, the deal saw Iran agree to reduce its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. However, since the United States withdrawal, Iran gradually defied restrictions, saying it is no longer obligated to the deal.

Breakout Time for Iran to Produce Enriched Uranium is Alarming

A senior American official said last week that the escape time for Iran to produce high enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon is now alarming and very short. Moreover, Iran repeatedly denied the U.S. claims that it seeks to develop a nuclear weapon. The 8th round of dialogs between Iran and other participants of the agreement, with the United States participating in those talks indirectly, is set to resume next week.

Israel to Host US Official for Iran Nuclear Talks
Israel to Host US Official for Iran Nuclear Talks
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Reports signaled that the sides might be close to reaching a new mutual agreement, including elements from a text called by the end of the 6th round of talks in June and new plans set out by the Iran President Ebrahim Raisi government. A deal of the joint draft would serve as a basis for continued talks. However, Israel remained firmly opposed to the nuclear agreement, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in early December pushing leaders of other countries to toe a firm line with Iran in dialogs.

The 6th-month-old alliance government under Bennett is pursuing a campaign of speeches and public statements highlighting the fear of Israel that current nuclear talks in Vienna will restore the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the world’s top economies. That accord offered Iran economic sanctions relief in return for applying limitations on its nuclear program, and both Bennett and Netanyahu vehemently opposed it as too weak.

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