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Jen Psaki Echoed Trump’s Claim that the Vaccine will Work

White House Press Secretary said that she wanted to "echo" former President Trump's comments about the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines

Jen Psaki Echoed Trump’s Claim that the Coronavirus Vaccine will Work

On Thursday, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, said that she wanted to pronounce the former U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments about the effectiveness and safety of Coronavirus vaccines – a rare example of a deal between the two governments that emphasizes the value of the former president in strengthening confidence in the vaccines to combat the pandemic.

Moreover, the press secretary retweeted a video clip containing the interview of the Republican president with right-wing pundit Candace Owens in which he claimed that Americans are not dying when they take the vaccine because it would protect them against the virus. But Trump added that it is up to the choice of individuals to take the vaccine or not.

In the Wednesday interview, Owens said that more Americans died under Coronavirus this year despite a large-scale vaccination against the virus in the United States. Trump interrupted her to mention that the vaccines work and those people who are hospitalized are unvaccinated. She added that she wanted to assert Trump’s remarks and then urged her followers to receive booster shots.

Furthermore, the former president said that he received a coronavirus booster dose earlier this week. He usually said one of his significant triumphs as county’s president was instant support for the development of Operation Warp Speed and rolled out of Coronavirus vaccines nationwide.

Trump Credited Himself for Came up with the Vaccine

The former president took the credit himself for the roll-out of the vaccination just in nine months, when the world was thinking that it may take five to twelve years. On the other hand, critics said that with Trump’s mixed messaging, he refused to disclose until some months after he left office that he received vaccination shots and vacillated publicly on whether he would take a booster dose – has not done enough to encourage his supports to take the vaccine themselves.

Jen Psaki Echoed Trump’s Claim that the Vaccine will Work
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Echoed Trump’s Claim that the Coronavirus Vaccine will Work
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On Wednesday, the U.S. officials reported around 242794 new Coronavirus cases in the country, as the nation fights a surge amid the most contagious Omicron variant, according to the Coronavirus tracker of the New York Times. As a result, health experts urged individuals to receive booster doses as the best protection against COVID-19.

FDA Authorizes Second Antiviral Pill

Yesterday, the United States authorized Merck antiviral pill, molnupiravir, to treat Coronavirus for certain high-risk adult people one day after it approved more effective treatment of Pfizer Inc., PAXLOVID. The FDA said that Merck’s pill could be efficient when other approved treatments are inaccessible or clinically appropriate. In addition, the FDA authorization allows the use of the drug for mild-to-moderate Coronavirus.

Merck intends to ship hundreds of thousands of courses in the coming days and one million over the upcoming few weeks. Likewise, Pfizer plans to ship around two hundred and fifty thousand treatment courses in the next month. The Food and Drug Administration approved intravenous treatments entitled monoclinic antibodies, mostly for hospital use. Merck claimed that its Coronavirus treatment had advantages over the Pfizer pill. However, both antiviral pills work by preventing the COVID-19 from imitating.

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