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Trump Organization Convicted in Tax Crimes

Former President Trump's business was convicted Tuesday of tax fraud for allowing executives to avoid paying taxes on luxury cars and Manhattan apartments, a repudiation of Trump's business practices as he mounts another presidential campaign

Former President Trump Organization Convicted in Tax Crimes

An investigation revealed that former President Donald Trump’s real estate company had been convicted of defrauding tax authorities for fifteen years, adding to the former president’s legal woes as he campaigned for a second term in 2024. Having been convicted on Tuesday, the Trump Organization – which golf courses, operates hotels, and other real estate worldwide – may be subject to fines based on the amount that the judge overseeing the trial decides after the trial concludes.

The former president has not been charged, and the company has pleaded not guilty. On January 13, the judge scheduled the sentencing hearing. It is unlikely that the fine will have a great deal of impact on a company of the Trump Organization’s size. Still, a jury’s conviction could significantly impact its ability to do business by spooking partners and lenders. In a report from Washington, DC, Al Jazeera‘s Mike Hanna said that “the judgment has implications in terms of the organization’s dealings with banks, other companies.” So the type of judgment carried out by this court will harm the organization’s operations.”

Although Trump is not charged in the case, the ruling will also significantly impact the former president, who has been the subject of several legal issues since leaving office. In Hanna’s view, this is just another indication that legal pressure is intensifying. Among the claims asserted in the Trump Organization lawsuit is that its top executives, including its former chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, received free rent and car leases from the organization without reporting income and were paid bonuses as independent contractors even though personal expenses were reimbursed.

Government’s Star Witness

During his Friday closing argument, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass explained to jurors that the smorgasbord of benefits is designed to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of the company’s top executives. Letitia James, the A.G. of New York, has filed a separate fraud lawsuit against the Trump Organization. In addition, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is investigating whether President Trump acted improperly in handling sensitive government documents following his resignation in January 2021.

Additionally, a congressional panel is investigating President Trump’s efforts to reverse the 2020 election results, which he lost to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Weisselberg, 75, will spend no more than five months behind bars after his testimony as the government’s star witness. A Trump Organization spokesman said Weisselberg intended to gain personal gain from the scheme. In addition to receiving over $1,000,000 in salary and bonus payments, he is on paid leave from the company.

A defense attorney, Susan Necheles, said in her Thursday closing argument that the question is not whether the company could save some money due to the action. Instead, the primary objective of Weisselberg’s actions was to benefit himself and not the company. A statement by President Trump on his Truth Social platform stated on November 19 that his family had not benefited economically from acts carried out by the executive.” On November 15, Trump announced he would run for the 2024 presidential campaign. He has referred to the recent investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt.

Civil Lawsuit Against Trump Organization

Probably the greatest threat to the company is the civil lawsuit filed in September by James, alleging that the company misled banks and other institutions about the value of its assets, a practice she called the “art of stealing.” James, a Democratic senator from New York, has filed a lawsuit to ban the former president and his three oldest children from managing the company in New York and to slap fines of at least $250 million.

During the pendency of the case, an independent observer has been appointed to oversee the company’s operations as a preliminary measure. The investigation into Trump was inherited by Bragg when he assumed office in January. He immediately shut down the deputies’ efforts to seek a grand jury indictment against Trump, which his predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr, had already authorized. However, he stated that the investigation is active and continuous.

He sent the strongest signal that he intends to pursue more charges by hiring former Acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Colangelo to handle the investigation. Colangelo and Bragg worked together on Trump-related matters at the attorney general’s office.

Trump Organization Convicted in Tax Crimes
Trump Organization Convicted in Tax Crimes
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Officers Honored Who Defended the Capitol Against Trump Supporters

Two years after engaging supporters of then-President Trump in a bloody and brutal fight, law enforcement officers were awarded congressional gold medals for defending the Capitol on January 6, 2021. In her opening remarks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hailed the “heroes” in the stately Capitol Rotunda. That day, multiple Trump supporters roamed the halls attempting to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory.

In bestowing the highest honor on the heroes, Pelosi commended them for “courageously defending the rights of our democracy in one of our nation’s darkest hours.” In recognition of the hundreds of officers at the Capitol on January 6, there will be the presentation of 400 medals at the headquarters of the U.S. Capitol Police, one at the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department, and one at the Smithsonian Institution. When Biden signed the legislation last year, he stated that the Smithsonian Museum would be provided with a medal to allow all visitors to understand what transpired.

A nearly 18-month investigation into the insurrection will be completed during the ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda as Democrats race to maintain their majority in the House just weeks away from losing. In a rally just before congressional certification, Trump vowed to his supporters that he would “fight like hell” and vowed to uncover the details of the attack.

Pelosi’s awarding of the medals is one of her final ceremonial acts before she steps down as Chairwoman of the House of Representatives. When the bill passed the U.S. House over a year ago, police officers from around the city fought to protect the Capitol because they were “those types of Americans who responded to the call to serve, putting country ahead of self.”

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