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Post-Midterms Launch for 2024 Trump Campaign

Trump drew cheers as he talked up his first two presidential bids and teased a third as he spoke to a crowd of supporters in Robstown, Texas

Post-Midterms Launch for 2024 Donald Trump Campaign

During a speech to supporters in Robstown, Texas, Donald Trump outlined both of his presidential campaigns and hinted at a third. “We probably have to begin all over again to make our nation prosperous, safe, and glorious,” he said last month. However, Trump may soon abandon the carefully placed “probably” in his stump speech.

In anticipation of next week’s midterm elections, aides to the former president are preparing quietly for a presidential campaign in 2024, which could begin shortly after the midterm elections, to position himself as the party’s frontrunner, Trump is seeking to leverage expected Republican victories. President Trump’s former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, predicts that Trump will run for president on a 95% basis.

It remains to be seen whether any other big challengers will enter the race. There will be very few Republicans who are capable of defeating President Trump if he runs. The former president would make history as the first to be impeached twice and remains involved in numerous and escalating criminal investigations, which would be a remarkable turn for anyone; it is quite difficult to imagine a president who was impeached twice in a row, let alone one who made history.

Trump Stepping Up His Efforts to Help 2022-Midterm Candidates

In addition to investigations into classified information he held at Mar-a-Lago, he has attempted to influence elected officials to reverse the election results in 2020. Throughout the 1980s, Trump publicly toyed with launching a presidential campaign, only to retreat from it. However, according to people close to him, Trump appears eager to return to politics. He has been discussing a presidential bid since before he left the White House. Still, now aides and allies are considering the two weeks following the midterm elections on November 8 as a possible window for the announcement.

Nevertheless, they caution that the former president has not yet decided and that things could change — as they always do regarding Trump if recounts or runoff elections in Georgia delay the election results. Moreover, the possibility exists that Trump may announce his intentions at one of the rallies he has planned for the final stretch of the campaign, even as discussions are underway about potential venues and dates for the announcement.

Post-Midterms Launch for 2024 Trump Campaign
Post-Midterms Launch for 2024 Trump Campaign
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During the campaign’s final weeks, former president Trump has increased his efforts to help midterm candidates, hoping to build momentum for his own campaign based on expected Republican gains in Congress. Since facing criticism for not financially supporting his preferred candidates while continuing to receive small donations, Trump has dramatically increased his expenditures. It is estimated that MAGA Inc. has already spent over $16.4 million on advertisements in competitive states, according to AdImpact, and more will be spent through Election Day. To discuss internal operations, people familiar with the effort, like others, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Save America PAC

Trump continues to bolster his candidates with thirty rallies in seventeen states, dozens of virtual rallies, and more than fifty candidate fundraisers. On his final midterm rally tour, he will visit Ohio and Pennsylvania, two states where his endorsements played a significant role in candidates gaining nominations for the presidential election. A trip to Iowa will also be on the agenda, as it hosts the first presidential nomination contest of the year.

Several conservative candidates and party committees have received nearly $350 million from Trump’s Save America PAC this election cycle, which includes online fundraising. Trump’s team is currently identifying potential staff candidates in key states and preparing paperwork for filing should an announcement be made, but according to people familiar with the planning, hiring has yet to start. In the early months of his campaign, Trump is expected to remain headquartered in Florida and operate substantially as his current political operation, overseen by the small group of advisers he has developed since leaving office.

A Republican strategist, Chris LaCivita, who helped launch the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” 2004 campaign that severely damaged the presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry, has worked for Trump’s super PAC. In addition, Susie Wiles, the longtime Florida operative responsible for overseeing Trump’s political efforts, is expected to take a senior leadership role in the campaign operations.

After the polls close on November 8, the 2024 campaign will effectively begin, with potential challengers having spent months carefully preparing the groundwork for their own campaigns. One of those candidates is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, widely acknowledged as Trump’s most formidable opponent. As a result, DeSantis has been cultivating a deep donor network in preparation for his reelection bid.

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