Home Updates President-elect Biden gets COVID-19 Jab live on TV

President-elect Biden gets COVID-19 Jab live on TV

Joe Biden, the U.S. President-elect received his first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on live television. He explains his act of receiving live COVID-19 vaccine that he was getting it to show Americans it is safe to take. Joe Biden joins a growing number of U.S. politicians getting the vaccine, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice-President Mike Pence.

The roll-out for a second vaccine by Moderna started on Sunday, which approved from FDA last week. According to the latest figures, until now more than five lac Americans get the vaccination. Biden got the jab in Newark, Delaware and he said that he did this to establish that public should ready for the vaccination when it is available for them. “There is nothing to worry about the vaccination.”

Furthermore, Biden said that the Trump administration must deserve some credit for beginning the vaccine program in the country. Jill Biden, the wife of president-elect received her first dose of jab earlier in the day, according to Biden. Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, the running mate of Biden, and her husband Doug Emhoff expected to receive their first doses next week.

Biden team first 100 days agenda about vaccination

Biden administration set a goal of hundred million coronavirus vaccinations in the United States during the first hundred days of his administration in the White House. During the deadly pandemic, the country recorded over eighteen million cases and more than 320,000 deaths. The President of the U.S. Donald Trump didn’t announce the date to receive the vaccination whereas, he spent three days in hospital after positive coronavirus in October.

Trump now stands one of the last of the top elected officials of the country, who didn’t receive the first of the course of two doses of the vaccine. In a tweet on 13th December, the president wrote that he is not scheduled to take the jab, but planning to do so at the appropriate time.  Some of his top advisers defended the delay by saying that the president still has a protection shield because of the previous treatments to beat coronavirus.

CDC Guidelines for the next group of Americans to receive vaccination

On Sunday, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest set of guidelines for the next groups of U.S. nationals to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

Phase 1A

So far, American vaccine distribution has twenty-one million healthcare workers, along with three million old people living in long-term care elderly facilities. Vaccination for this group started last week after the approval from the FDA.

Phase 1B

The U.S. nationals aged seventy-five and older, as well as frontline health and other workers, will be next up. This wide category includes nearly thirty million workers who are serving in sectors essential to the functioning of society with a high risk of exposure to the virus. Correction workers, first responders, United States Postal Service personnel, along with those who work in grocery stores, manufacturing, public transit, education, food and agriculture will be eligible. This phase will probably start in January 2021.

Phase 1C

The American people aged sixty-five and older, other critical non-front-line workers, and those people with basic medical conditions that increase the severe illness risk from coronavirus will receive the vaccination in this phase. This category of people includes around 129 million Americans.

Brief Description of the vaccination roll out so far

Approximately three million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine shipped so far and over five lac Americans received the vaccination, according to CDC. Furthermore, on Sunday, distribution of the Moderna vaccine (the second vaccine in the U.S.) started in the country too, with almost six million vaccine doses available for immediate shipment.

President-elect Biden gets COVID-19 Jab live on TV
President-elect Biden gets COVID-19 Jab live on TV
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On Saturday, the army general heading the coronavirus vaccines distribution in the United States apologized for a miscommunication with some states over the number of doses to deliver in the initial phases of distribution. Over a dozen states expressed their deep concern at a cut in the expected number of the vaccines from the federal government.

On Friday, over a hundred health specialists at Stanford Medical Center protested against the plan of the university for vaccine distribution. According to them, only seven of over thirteen hundred citizens (recent graduates of medical school) selected to receive the vaccine in the first stage of five thousand doses.

According to those protestors, the University gave priority to doctors and hospital administrators working from home over those working directly with coronavirus patients. Later, Stanford officials apologized for the complains and said that the university previously working to address the flaws in the plan.

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