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President’s honeymoon period appears to be over – new poll

The latest national poll specifies that United States President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped during his initial month in the White House. The president holds a fifty-one percent approval rating in a survey conducted at Monmouth University, released on Wednesday. The result is somewhat down from the fifty-four percent of Americans who gave Biden a thumbs-up in late January, a few days after his inauguration.

It is more noticeable to see a rise in disapproval rating for Biden – from thirty percent in late January to forty-two percent now. Moreover, the surge comes as more people establish an opinion of the Democratic president – with those saying they had no opinion of Biden dropping from sixteen percent soon after his inauguration to eight percent now.

Patrick Murray, the Monmouth University Polling Institute Director, highlights that it’s possibly not a surprise that Joe Biden’s honeymoon period over quickly. However, he adds that Biden maintains a net positive rating in the recent poll from 25th February to 1st March.

Real Clear Politics compiled an average of all the recent national polls that measured the president’s approval rating, and it puts Biden’s numbers at fifty-five percent approval and forty percent disapproval.

How many Democratic and Republican leaders vote for Biden’s performance in the survey?

Ninety-one percent of Democratic leaders asked in the Monmouth survey approve of the president’s performance – basically unchanged since January. Whereas eight of ten Republicans disapprove of his performance, a rise of ten points from one month ago. On the other side, forty-three percent of independents approved him, and forty-eight percent disapproved of him. That is a switch from January when Joe Biden held a forty-seven percent approval and thirty percent disapproval rating with independents.

The Monmouth survey also indicates a plunge in approval for Congress. Three in ten surveyed give approve of the Congress performance, which is thirty-five percent down from one month ago. Whereas disapproval soared from fifty-one percent in January to fifty-nine percent now. However, Monmouth reveals that January’s results were a historical high in the last 8 years of national polling by Monmouth University Polling Institute.

President’s honeymoon period appears to be over – new poll
President’s honeymoon period appears to be over – new poll
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Even though the latest ratings declined, but they remain on the higher end of the range across which they have varied since 2013. The survey also notes that over six in ten Americans support the approval of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus package and relief bill from Congress. Besides, the poll used live phone operators to ask eight-hundred and two adults countrywide. Whereas the survey general sampling error is positive or negative 3.5 percentage points.

Biden Administration to combat Coronavirus Outbreak and Economic disruption

Biden is facing two major crises – the COVID-19 pandemic and economic disruption. It is unbelievable that he will do anything worse than former president Donald Trump, who spent too much time neglecting than addressing the disaster. So, the starting weeks of Biden administration may take as positive by the grace period. In the initial weeks of a new administration, the president and his administration are usually on their good behavior and campaign mode and sell the same glittering things voters bought.

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