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Pressure Intensifies on President to Deliver Meaningful Voter Protections

Pressure is growing on President Biden to make a plan to legislate meaningful voter protections to respond to countrywide strict new voting laws

Pressure Gows on President Biden to Deliver Meaningful Voter Protections

Pressure is increasing on U.S. President Joe Biden to formulate a plan to authorize meaningful voter protections to deal with strict new voting laws going into place countrywide after warning for the last year of emerging dangers to democracy. The president heads to Atlanta today to make an urgent new case for voting rights legislation as Democratic leaders prepare to procced two new bills that will require a weakening of Senate filibuster rules to approve – a step the president is ready to endorse.

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris plan to lay a wreath at the crypt of Martin Luther King Jr. and visit the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where the assassinated civil rights leader preached. The criticism increases with time after an alliance of voting rights groups announced Monday to boycott Biden’s speech. The two moves – the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act – would mutually strengthen voting protections by, among other things, resuming some stripped-out elements of the Voting Rights Act and creating national standards for mail-in voting.

President Biden’s speech at the Atlanta University Center Consortium will work to spur support behind the bills as they come up in the Senate. Congressional Democrats are preparing to proceed with the bills before the midterm elections of 2022 – but – with almost all Republican leaders opposed – the only just of the approval of the measures is to alter the filibuster rules of the Senate.

Campaign Against Republicans attempts to Rewrite Election Rules

As governing Democratic party enters an uncertain election year, president Biden appears poised to initiate a more sustained campaign against the Republicans’ efforts to rewrite election rules and install former President Trump’s loyalists on election boards. However, before his visit, some voting rights groups in Georgia expressed doubt at Biden’s approach. A group of organizations stated that they would boycott any visit by the U.S. president that doesn’t include an announcement of a finalized voting rights plan that will approve both chambers, not be opposed by the filibuster, and signed by the president into law.

Pressure Intensifies on President to Deliver Meaningful Voter Protections
Pressure Intensifies on President to Deliver Meaningful Voter Protections
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The statement further read that anything less is unwelcome and insufficient. Today, some Georgian elected officials will flank the president. A spokesman for the senator said that Senator Jon Ossoff, who won his seat in the 2020 presidential election, will attend the event. In addition, a Georgian Democratic Senator, Raphael Warnock, will also participate in the presidential event. Warnock said that the democracy of the United States is in danger, and time is running out. If political leaders in Washington fail to protect the votes and voices of the American people, then the leaders fell way short of their responsibilities.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Biden talked to senators on phone calls to discuss voting rights and identify a pathway to approval over the last few weeks. After it became clear late last year that the Build Back better bill wouldn’t approve in the near-term, Democratic leaders started prioritizing the voting rights bill, setting a deadline for Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

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