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Pro-Palestinian in New York Criticize Airstrikes over Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protestors in New York, Philadelphia, and other U.S. major cities took to the streets on Saturday to decry Israeli airstrikes over Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protestors in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other United States major cities took to streets on Saturday to decry airstrikes over Gaza and demand to end the Israeli violence. A demonstration that began in the bay Ride nearby Brooklyn, which has a huge Arabic-speaking community, continued through different streets for many hours on Saturday afternoon.

Users shared different footages on social media platforms which showed that protestors climbed up the poles of street lights to wave flags having slogans to support Palestine while some other protestors set off fireworks to record their protest against the Israeli violence. According to another video posted on social media, after the sunset, some people walked onto Interstate 278 and blocked the traffic in one direction.

A well-known Palestinian-American model, Bella Hadid, also participated in the Brooklyn protest to show her support for the innocent Muslims of Palestine. Furthermore, a massive crowd of protestors shut down traffic on the main thoroughfare in West Los Angeles as they marched almost two miles from outside the central building to the Israeli embassy. The protestors held the signboards having text “free Palestine,” “long live intifada,” and other slogans.

We Can’t Breathe Since 1948

In Atlanta, several pro-Palestinian protestors, including teenagers, parents with youngsters, and grandparents, assembled downtown to wave and chant their slogans on signboards, according to the report of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Moreover, one most hitting sign read, “We (Palestinians) cannot breather since 1948,” a signal to the racial discrimination and police brutality protests in the United States during the last year in the wake of the death of George Floyd in police custody, as he couldn’t breathe.

In addition, protestors in San Francisco banged drums and shouted “Palestine will be free” as the crowd marched across the Mission district to Dolores park. In the same way, the pro-Palestine crowd walked a short distance from Copley Square to the Israeli Embassy for New England and blocked the traffic to record their protest. The footage on a social media website shows that demonstrators open up a banner in the colors of the Palestinian flag with the words “Free Palestine” – they were standing on top of the sunshade of the building nearby consulate.

Pro-Palestinian in New York Criticize Airstrikes over Gaza
Pro-Palestinian in New York Criticize Airstrikes over Gaza
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In Washington, a considerable crowd flowed from the Washington Monument and to the National Archives. Likewise, in Philadelphia, several protestors filled Rittenhouse Square to criticize the United States’ support for Israel. Whereas at a demonstration in Pittsburgh, one speaker called on representatives to impose restrictions on how Israel can spend aid from America.

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