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Promising Biden Steamrolls Sanders in a Brilliant Three State Primary Win

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has crushed rival Democrat Bernie Sanders in a three-state primary run in Illinois, Arizona and Florida. Securing a hat-trick, the former United States VP, has almost cemented the Presidential nomination for him as he whitewashed Sanders who was soundly defeated in Illinois and Arizona before getting a rough beating in Florida where in one country he came third behind former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who left the race couple of weeks ago.

Biden led Bernie by 59% to 36% in most precincts in Illinois primary. The partial reports from Arizona suggested Biden’s double-digit lead over Vermont Senator. In the south-western state of Arizona, Biden led white vote by 51% to 32% and Hispanic votes hanged equally between Biden (45%) and Sanders (44%). While Florida proved to be the biggest nightmare for Sanders as Biden earned 219 of the 1991 delegates that could prove very crucial for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Trump secured the state by 1.2% points in 2016. On the Super Tuesday III, Biden was looking to grab 16 of the last 21 states. The former VP since his last month victory in South Carolina is firing on all cylinders. Accelerating his momentum, the Democrat has appealed directly to Sanders voters for support to get Trump out of the office.

The drubbing of Sanders has further increased Biden’s chances for nomination who is now leading the national convention delegate count as the campaign of the two septuagenarians head toward suspended primaries that will not be held before June. However, much to the dismay of many Biden fans, the self-styled social democrat is expected to not bow down until the conclusion of national convention. Despite having the juggernaut funding to back him in the run, Sanders may now think seriously about resigning in the favor of the leading Democrat to take on Donald Trump. Staying in the race for the survival and revival of the movement he created would also not be a bad option.

From resuscitating his faltering campaign to steamrolling Sanders is now gearing up for a cruising finish while most of the voters in the primaries shadowed by Corona said electability was a priority for them. 3 out of 4 voters in Florida are of the view that Biden would be the best choice to take on Trump and just 1 in 5 voted in favor of Vermont Senator. Older voters were more likely to reach the Ballots for Biden while Almost half of the Florida voters thought that Sanders’s was too liberal in his stances.

Reactions from the Two Rivals

Through a webcam speech from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden appealed to Bernie Brothers: “Let me say, especially to the young voters who have been inspired by Senator Sanders, I hear you, I know what’s at stake, I know what we have to do.”

But he talked more about the pandemic that has taken over the States: “The coronavirus doesn’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican… we are all in this together.” Sanders also going online for the address from Washington didn’t speak about the future course of his campaign and opted to strike a unifying tone on the outbreak. According to him the crisis could cost around USD 2 trillion.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night officially secured the Republican party nomination following a victory at Illinois primary. The Republican President was contested only by former Massachusetts Governor, Bill Weld. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel congratulated the president via tweet for “officially becoming the presumptive Republican nominee”.

Election Season elsewhere in US

Ohio set to hold a primary on Tuesday had to call of the election until June. Several other states have also pulled off the Democratic Presidential Primaries including Louisiana, Maryland, Kentucky and Georgia. The Democratic National Committee lambasted authorities in Ohio for becoming a party to “chaos and confusion and urged the other states to not follow the Ohio. However, Puerto Rico which also heading to elections on March 29 is reportedly postponing the primaries. Those who call shots in Democrats are urging the states to come up with postal and early voting instead of rescheduling the service.

Secret Service Protection

United States Secret Service on Tuesday revealed that it would escort Biden from this week and provide full protection. The former VP will have the codename Celtic, the same he used during his time in office as vice-president of the country. Biden requested for the security after repeatedly heckled by protesters on the campaign trail. Two protesters stormed a Biden event in Los Angeles by throwing themselves up on the stage during his speech. The relegating Sanders has so far not made an attempt to get the Secret Service Protection as a Presidential candidate.