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Queen Elizabeth proposes Farewell to late Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II Bids Farewell to her late husband, Prince Philip, 30 people attended the friendly service at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom sat alone through the funeral of late Prince Philip, her late husband, in what was an emotional yet subdued affair that took place as a country healed from the coronavirus pandemic, and a gap that saw Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex step back from the royal family.

Furthermore, thirty people attended the friendly service at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, including royal family members. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, died at the age of ninety-nine on 9th April in Windsor Castle. He was the longest-serving consort of England – the name used to designate the spouse of a reigning monarch – and had married to the Queen for almost seventy-three years.

With bowed head, Queen Elizabeth sat alone as she made her final farewell to late Price Philip during the subdued and sad event – as per the standards of the royal family. Moreover, the duke personally involved in its planning by finalizing the music and ensuring the ceremony reflects his personal interests and military affiliations.

In addition, the limited audience didn’t sing along to the music during the event because of the health restrictions amid the pandemic. A choir of four persons made up for the purpose, with their vocals filling the chapel with the songs under the selection of the duke, including J. B. Dykes’ Melita.

Prince Harry also Attended the Publicized Event with his Family

The funeral event was emotional as it boomed, on a broader scale, the only devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic – which took over one lack and twenty thousand lives in the United Kingdom and forced several families to grieve in pared-down funerals. It also happened because of a family gap, as it was the first time Prince Harry appeared in a publicized event with his family since his surprise interview along with the Duchess of Sussex (his wife) to the host Oprah Winfrey.

Attendees of the Event

Instead of the gossip of their dynamic, Prince Harry and Prince William (his brother) were walking and conversing together after the service. Attendees of the service include senior members of the royal family along with close friends and relatives of the duke such as Hereditary Prince of Baden, Prince Donatus – Landgrave of Hesse, Bernhard, Penny Brabourne, and Countess Mountbatten of Burma.

All congregational members wore face masks, as per the current COVID-19 restrictions by the England government. However, the ceremony limited to thirty people inside, consistent with public health rules; over seven hundred military personnel are providing ceremonial support outside in honor of the decorated military career of Prince Philips. Members of the Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, and British Army all attended the event.

Military Ties of Late Prince Philips

The late prince maintained close ties with the Britain military community during his life after finishing his naval service in 1953, including holding the designation of Captain-General of the British Royal Marines. Ahead of the funeral ceremony, the coffin of the duke – covered with his personal flag, naval cap, his sword, and a wreath of flowers laid on top of his coffin – took to the chapel from Windsor Castle in a demonstration led by the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

Queen Elizabeth II Bids Farewell to her late Husband Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II Bids Farewell to her late Husband Prince Philip
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In keeping the wishes of Prince Philip, a modified Land Rover, which he helped design, carried the coffin. Senior members of the royal family followed the vehicle in a procession on foot. Prince Harry and Prince William come together as they walked in the same row behind the Duke coffin with their father, Prince Charles, and other relatives, including other relatives like Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew.

Dressing of Royal Members

Royal family members didn’t wear military uniforms, in a break with the tradition of the family; instead, they put on morning coats or day dresses with medals displayed on the front. The matter of clothing emerged in the last few days when some British media reported Prince Andrew, Duke of York, wished to wear an admiral’s uniform. In 2019, Andrew stepped back from his royal duties over his ties to convicted pedophile and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Some of the closest aides of the duke, including his personal protection officer and private secretary, were also in the demonstration. Queen Elizabeth arrived separately at the chapel, attended by a lady in waiting. The late duke and the monarch had been in a bubble with some of their household members for the last year, and thus she is not fit to join a support bubble with other family members. Whereas the rest of the congregation and other family members arrived at the chapel by car.

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