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Russia Looking for Justification to Attack Ukraine – US

Antony Blinken, the United States Secretary of State, said Russia was looking for a reason to attack Ukraine in the coming days

Russia Looking for Justification for Ukraine War - US Secretary of State

The United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russia, plans to produce a reason to attack Ukraine and initiate an invasion in the coming days and push Russia to change course at a tense UN Security Council meeting Thursday. Moreover, Blinken changed his tour plans so he could speak at the United Nations meeting on Thursday, where the top American diplomat said he was describing American intelligence about Russian efforts to assemble a pretext for an attack in an attempt to influence Moscow to block the path of war and choose another way while there’s still time.

The U.S. says the evidence at the border of Ukraine reveals that Russia is moving towards a looming attack and is not pulling out troops, despite the claims of Moscow. In addition, the remarks from Blinken and other top American officials Thursday – including the straightforward waning of President Biden that he believed an invasion would happen within many upcoming days – marked an even bigger sense of necessity from the Biden government that Russian actions specified the Kremlin was going ahead with plans of war.

Russia Dismissed the Accusations to Attack Ukraine

As the president left the White House on Thursday, he told reporters that every signal they have is ready to invade Ukraine. Once again, Moscow rejected the impression it was preparing to invade Ukraine as groundless blames. Blinken shared many phases the United States tried to justify the military invasion in Ukraine while addressing at the Security Council.

Furthermore, he said that Russia was probably to try to generate a pretext for the war, which might be a false terrorist bombing inside Russia, the developed discovery of a staged drone strike, and a mass grave. Finally, Blinken added that Russia might describe the event as genocide or traditional cleansing, making sarcasm of a concept they don’t take lightly in the chamber.

Russia Looking for Justification to Attack Ukraine - US
Russia Looking for Justification to Attack Ukraine – US
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Russian Officials to Hold Urgent Meetings

In addition, the Secretary of State said that top Russian officials were possibly to hold urgent summits before an invasion that would include Moscow bombing throughout Ukraine, including cyberattacks. He expressed that the United States believes Russia previously selected targets in Ukraine and its troops and tanks would invade Ukraine, especially Kyiv.

Besides, he said that the info he presented here is justified by what they see revealed in plain sight before their eyes for months. But, on the other hand, Russia frequently regarded the U.S. warnings as nonsense and tragedy, they firmly gathering over one hundred thousand troops on the borders of Ukraine.

Sergey Vershinin, the Deputy Minister of Russia, warned others about making the United Nations meeting a circus, saying they should not present groundless saying that Russia supposedly was going to invade Ukraine. On Thursday, the United States received a written response from Russian officials to the written plans America submitted to Russia three weeks ago.

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