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Russia Officially Protests US Military Aid to Ukraine

In a diplomatic note to the State Department, Moscow protested the United States’ ongoing weapons shipment to Ukraine, warning of unpredictable consequences

Russia Officially Protests US Military Aid to Ukraine

This week, Moscow sent an official diplomatic note to the U.S. to warn that American and NATO military weapons systems shipments to Ukraine were adding fuel to the fight and could bring severe consequences. Furthermore, the diplomatic, political move came as the United States President Joe Biden approved a dramatic expansion in the scope of weapons delivered to Kyiv, an $800m package including 155-mile meter howitzers.

For the first time, the Biden government has agreed to provide Ukraine with the types of highly efficient capabilities some Biden government officials some weeks ago viewed as too great of an escalation risk, including eleven Mi-17 helicopters, three hundred more Switchable drones, and eighteen 155 mm Howitzer.

According to a source knowing the Russian diplomatic note, it was likely that Russia would protest the shipments, and it was still not clear whether it meant Moscow would change its actions in any way. However, the source acknowledged that the note could signify a more violent Moscow posture against NATO and the United States as the conflict drags on.

In addition, a government official told CNN that the Russian diplomatic notice specifies how effective the shipment of American weapons to Kyiv has been. The official further suggested that the Russian government was also concerned by the recent announcement, including heavier duty and sophisticated weaponry. Some U.S. government officials believe that the Russian note reveals the Russians are hurting.

When will the first flight from the U.S. aid arrive in Ukraine?

Previously, CNN reported that the U.S. believes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s risk tolerance intensified and that he may be agreeing to take more aggressive action against the United States in response to its military assistance for Ukraine. Moreover, according to a senior defense official, the first flight from the Biden government containing $800 worth of new military assistance is likely to arrive in Ukraine in the next twenty-four hours. The Ukrainian officials will pick up the material at the border and take it into the country to fight against Russian soldiers.

Russia Officially Protests United States Military Aid to Ukraine
Russia Officially Protests US Military Aid to Ukraine
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For months, Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, pleaded with the West and NATO countries for heavier weaponry aid to effectively fight off the Russian military, who attacked Ukraine on 24th February. Western and Ukrainian officials expected Russia to initiate a significant invasion in eastern Ukraine, a different type of territory with varying types of weaponry.

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