Home Updates Russia Prepping Pretext for Ukraine Incursion – White House

Russia Prepping Pretext for Ukraine Incursion – White House

A United States officials said that Russia is planning a stage of acts of incitement to create a pretext to attack Ukraine

Russian Forces Prepping Pretext for Ukraine Incursion – White House

According to the White House, the United States intelligence officials determined a Russian effort is in progress to create a pretext for its military troops to attack Ukraine further, and Russia has already prepositioned operators to execute a false-flag military operation in eastern Ukraine. On Friday, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, said that the intelligence outcomes show Russia is also implementing the foundation through a social media falsehood campaign that portrays Ukraine as an invader that has been planning an impending attack against Russian-funded forces in eastern Ukraine.

Psaki accused Russia of previously dispatched workers trained in urban conflict who could use explosives to carry out acts of disruption against their own proxy forces of Russia – blaming the actions on Ukraine – if Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, decides he wants to go ahead with an attack. Psaki said that the Putin government is preparing for a spell in Ukraine that may leave extensive human rights violations and war crimes should international relations fail to meet their objectives.

John Kirby, the spokesperson of the Pentagon, described the intelligence as reliable. The findings of the United States intelligence, which was brought out and shared with American allies before it was made public, evaluate that the Russian troops’ invasion could start between mid-January and mid-February. Ukraine is also monitoring the possible use of Russian propaganda.

Russia was Planning a Possible False Flag Incident

On Friday, Ukrainian media reported that officials believed special services of Russia were planning a likely false flag incident to inflame other disputes. However, the latest information from the United States intelligence revealed a series of dialogs between the United States and Russia and its Western allies in Europe intended to initiate the worsening crisis made small development.

Russia Prepping Pretext for Ukraine Incursion – White House
Russia Prepping Pretext for Ukraine Incursion – White House
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On Thursday, Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser of the White House, said that the American intelligence community had not estimated that Russians, who previously deployed one hundred thousand troops on its border towards Ukraine, absolutely decided to take an armed course of action. The Crimea catastrophe came at a moment when Ukraine was looking to strengthen ties with the West.

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