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Iran is Giving Unprecedented Military Support to Russia – US

US officials have said that Russia and Iran are developing a full-fledged defense partnership. John Kirby, the US national security council spokesman, said Russia is providing unprecedented levels of military assistance.

Iran is Giving Military Support to Russia against Ukraine – US

The US said Russia and Iran were on the cusp of forming a full-fledged defense partnership. John Kirby, the spokesperson for the national security council, stated that Iran provides unprecedented military support to Russia. He further noted that the United States had been made aware of reports that both countries are considering the possibility of jointly producing lethal drones. In response to Russian drone attacks against Ukraine, Australia announced sanctions against three Iranian nationals and a single Iranian company.

Ukraine has accused Russia of using Iranian drones in its attacks, raising the possibility of cooperation between Russia and Iran. A Middle Eastern country initially denied that it had provided drones to Russia before the invasion of the country. However, the country later acknowledged that some drones had been supplied beforehand. According to Kirby, Iran and Russia forming a partnership to produce drones would be detrimental to their neighbors, the international community, and the Ukrainian government.

“In areas such as weapon development and training, Russia seeks to collaborate with Iran,” he said, adding that the United States fears Russia may provide Iran with advanced military equipment, such as helicopters and air defense systems. As a result, Iran is now Russia’s leading military ally,” he claimed. “Russia has used Iranian drones to target energy infrastructure, resulting in millions of Ukrainians losing power and heat. As a result, people are dying in Ukraine today due to Iranian actions.”

Iranian and Russian Relationship Threatening Global Security

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly responded to Kirby’s remarks by saying that Iran has become Russia’s main military ally and their relationship threatens world peace. Iran sent hundreds of drones to Russia in connection with “sordid deals” between the two countries. “To return this favor, Russia is providing military and technical assistance to the Iranian regime, increasing the threat it poses to our Middle East partners and the international community.”

He stated that the UK and the US had agreed that Iran’s support for the Russian military would increase in the coming months as Russia sought to acquire more weapons, including hundreds of ballistic missiles. Russia killed at least eight people in a series of attacks on 17 October that were carried out using “kamikaze” drones purchased from Iran. The Iranian government initially denied this but later admitted that some drones were sent to Russia “many months” in advance of the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that this statement is false and that Ukraine shoots down about ten Iranian drones daily. Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong noted on Saturday that Iran’s involvement in destabilizing global security is evident in its supply of drones to Russia. Russia is listed here as an example of the consequences that will come to those who support it materially.” Further, she has announced additional measures against nineteen people and two entities, including Iran’s Morality Police, after Mahsa Amini, 22, died in custody earlier this year because of the brutal treatment of anti-government protesters.

Sordid Military Agreements

Kirby also stated that the United States is concerned that Iran may consider selling Russia many missiles. James Cleverly made a statement in which he criticized the “sordid deals” between Moscow and Tehran, stating that Iran supplied drones to Russia in exchange for technical and military assistance.” The United Kingdom, as a result, recognizes that this alliance poses an increased risk to our Middle East partners and global security and is committed to exposing this desperate alliance and holding both parties accountable.

On the other hand, Moscow has charged that the West has provided weapons to Ukraine that are being used by bad actors across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, pointed to recent comments by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari. He pointed out that weapons and fighters from Ukraine are enroute to Lake Chad to assist violent groups.

Kristen Saloomey of Al Jazeera reported that UK ambassador Barbara Woodward does not directly address Nebenzya’s claims, which are scheduled to be discussed in full at Friday’s UN Security Council meeting, but that Kyiv has the right to defend itself. “Further, she asserted that the United Kingdom believes that purchasing weapons from Iran breaches international agreements, and beyond drones, she claimed that Russia was now seeking ballistic missiles from Iran as well as making deals with North Korea, according to Saloomey, who spoke at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Putin Expressed Disappointment about Merkel’s Statement

A nuclear attack on Moscow would destroy any country that launched such an attack. President Vladimir Putin stated that Russian weapons would be able to respond forcefully. Additionally, he expressed disappointment with the recent statements that former German Chancellor Angela Merkel made concerning the Minsk agreements and the Ukrainian situation.

Iran is Giving Unprecedented Military Support to Russia – US
Iran is Giving Unprecedented Military Support to Russia – US
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According to Putin, a ceasefire between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine has been achieved due to the parties to the Minsk agreements providing Ukraine with weapons. German magazine Zeit announced Wednesday that Merkel had said in the Minsk agreement that Ukraine had been given time to build up its defenses. Initially, the Russian government interpreted Merkel’s statements as saying that the Minsk peace plan had only been concluded so Ukraine could arm itself and prepare for a war with Russia.

I must admit that I was completely shocked by this development. But, unfortunately, this has occurred. Putin said to journalists in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, “I was not expecting to hear anything like this from the former German chancellor.” “My expectation has always been that the leadership of the federal republic of Germany would act honestly and honestly toward us,” said Putin. Despite this, I have been satisfied with the level of sincerity of the German leadership in its efforts to achieve an agreement based on the principles that we agreed on and which were achieved within the Minsk framework, among other things.

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