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Ukraine Will Never Stand Alone – Biden

In an emotional speech before a joint meeting of Congress Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine's struggle would determine the world where our children and grandchildren will live.

Ukraine Will Never Stand Alone – US President Biden

During a historic speech delivered Wednesday night from the United States Capitol, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the United States for its support in fighting Russian aggression since the conflict began – and asked for more help. In his remarks at the joint meeting of Congress, Zelensky said, “I hope that my words of respect and gratitude resonate in the hearts of all Americans,” and said that, despite all odds and doomsday scenarios, Ukraine did not fall. On the contrary, the Ukrainian economy is thriving.”

Despite his gratitude, the Russian military outnumbered and outgunned Zelensky’s armed forces while they fought on, despite his gratitude. As Zelensky said, “Yes, we do have artillery,” he was greeted with laughter from his colleagues in the chamber. Thanks a lot. We have it on hand. Is it sufficient? I don’t think so.” Since the war started, Zelensky is on his first visit outside the homeland since 300 days have passed since it was invaded. He arrived in Washington Wednesday afternoon to set a course for the future of the conflict along with a key Western ally.

American support is crucial for standing in a fight such as this and reaching the turning point of victory. As Zelensky placed it during his speech to Congress, American support is critical not only for standing in the fight but also for achieving victory. Even so, according to him, “the world is too interconnected for anyone to be able to remain in the background and feel secure while such a war continues.”

Global Security and Democracy

Ukraine and the United States are allies in this conflict, and next year will mark a turning point – an era where Ukrainian courage and American determination will be necessary to defend our freedom and those of all who adhere to the principles they hold dear. He asserted to Congress that “your money is not charity.” We must deal responsibly with investments for global security and democracy. Aside from calling for stronger sanctions against Russia, Zelensky also urged lawmakers to do so. However, Zelensky asserted that Ukraine “held its line and would never surrender.”

A few references Zelensky made during his speech drew from American history, the Battle of Saratoga, the Battle of the Bulge, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Moreover, Zelensky said Ukrainian soldiers are similarly holding their lines and fighting against Putin’s forces this Christmas as “brave American soldiers” did in 1944 against Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. During an earlier meeting at the White House, he informed US President Joe Biden about a 10-point peace formula and summit. Zelensky alleged Biden to have supported the peace initiative.

Russia has Found an Ally

Furthermore, Zelensky talked about his trip to Bakhmut, a city in Donbas that has been under siege since May. The Ukrainian flag was presented to Congress as a gift by the president. He said it was soaked in blood on every inch of the land while roaring guns echoed every hour. Among the occupying forces, the artillery holds a significant advantage. The ammunition they possess is an advantage. However, we do not have the number of missiles and planes they possess. True, but our defense forces remain in place,” he emphasized.

Throughout his remarks, Zelensky asserted that Russia has “found an ally” in Iran. It is important to note that Iran’s deadly drones, sent to Russia in large numbers, have threatened our critical infrastructure. He explained that this is how terrorists can communicate with one another. Unless we prevent them from striking against your other allies, it is only a matter of time before they strike.

Ukrainian President’s White House Visit

A joint news conference was held between the Ukrainian leader and President Biden earlier Wednesday, during which both leaders demonstrated a united front regarding their approach to the issue. Biden told reporters in the White House East Room that he and Obama “share the same vision: a free, independent, prosperous, and secure Ukraine.” At the start of the press conference, Biden exclaimed that it had been “particularly meaningful” for him to meet Zelensky personally and that he and the Ukrainian president had “looked each other in the eye.”

Biden credited Zelensky’s leadership for inspiring the Ukrainian people. However, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is within a much broader context, and we understand that in our bones. He added that Zelensky has demonstrated a firm stand against aggression and autocrats’ imperial aspirations and that the United States stands with Ukraine in maintaining “the core principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Biden and Zelensky addressed the Russians during the news conference, with Zelensky repeatedly referring to Russian forces as terrorism and Biden emphasizing the importance of being clear about what is happening.

The Ukrainian government is intentionally attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, causing the system responsible for providing heat and light to the Ukrainian people during the coldest, darkest time of the year to collapse. The Russian government is using the winter to harm Ukrainians, freezing them, starving them, and cutting them off from each other,” Biden said. After bidding farewell to the war, Biden suggested that it might have ended today if Putin had any dignity and withdrew from the conflict. However, that is unlikely to happen.” However, there seems to be a difference of perspective between the two leaders regarding their approach to pursuing peace with Russia.

Ukraine Will Never Stand Alone – Biden
Ukraine Will Never Stand Alone – US President Biden
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Critical Moment and Meeting

Rather than wear a suit, Zelensky wore his now-familiar military green shirt on the South Lawn at 2 p.m. ET. While his black vehicle pulled in front of the White House, a contingent of military honor guards lined the driveway. In the Oval Office, Zelensky stated, “I understand that we will discuss very important topics, from energy to the situation on the battlefield.” “However, first and foremost, I would like to convey my deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of the hearts of Ukrainians worldwide.”

At a time when Biden’s ability to maintain support at home and abroad is being tested, the wartime visit was intended to convey to the Ukrainian people the continuing American commitment to the country. The meeting also allowed Biden and other leading Americans to ask Zelensky how he perceives the conflict and what would be done to bring an end to the conflict. Biden spoke about how Zelensky has stated he hopes to see the war end with our partners’ aid. He added in the Oval Office we will also impose costs on the Kremlin and support Ukraine in its pursuit of a just peace. In support of the courageous people of Ukraine, President Zelensky, the United States stands ready to assist you.

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