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Russian Missiles Strike Hit Ukrainian Odesa Port

Russian missile attack destroyed military infrastructure in the Black Sea port of Odesa in Ukraine one day after Moscow & Kyiv settled on a deal to resume grain export

Russian Missiles Strike Hit Ukrainian Odesa Port

On Sunday, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Serhii Bratchuk, said that a Russian missile strike hit the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odesa to destroy military infrastructure, just one day after both countries agreed on an agreement that would allow resuming the of exports from the region. He added that two missiles hit the port’s infrastructure, while Ukrainian air defense shot down two missiles.

According to a Ukrainian member of parliament, Oleksiy Goncharenko, around six explosions were heard in the region. The United Nations (U.N.) and Turkey brokered the deal between Ukraine and Russia, allowing grain exports from Ukrainian Black Sea ports to reduce the worldwide food crisis amid the war. Initially, Russia denied any involvement in the Saturday missile strike.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, blasted Moscow for risking the agreement. In addition, the president said in his daily address that the Russian missile attack on Odesa port was cynical and a setback to Moscow’s political positions. Nevertheless, if anybody globally could still say some dialog with Russia, sometimes deals are needed.

Antony Blinken, the United States Secretary of State, expressed similar opinions. In addition, the top United States diplomat said that the attack casts severe doubt on the credibility of Russian commitment to the export deal and weakens the work of the United Nations, Ukraine, and Turkey to get critical food to global markets. Moscow bears responsibility for strengthening the world food crisis and must stop its violence and ultimately implement the pact to which it agreed.

Missiles had not Caused Significant Damage

According to Reuters, Suspilne, the public broadcaster of Ukraine, quoted the Ukrainian military as saying the missile attack had not caused significant damage, so they are trying to resume grain exports from the Black Sea ports of the country. Worldwide officials also condemned the Russian strikes. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the U.N., stated that all stakeholders made clear commitments on the world stage to guarantee the safe supply of Ukrainian grain and related products to world markets.

Guterres said that these products are badly required to combat the world food crisis and ease the suffering of a large number of individuals in need across the world. Furthermore, Bridget Brink, the United States Ambassador to Kyiv, called the strike despicable, while Josep Borrell, the European Union (E.U.) foreign policy chief, called the Russian military’s action disgracefully and outrageous.

Russian Missiles Strike Hit Odesa Port One Day After Grain Pact
Russian Missiles Strike Hit Odesa Port One Day After Grain Pact
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Ongoing War

According to the local Ukraine officials, a Russian missile attack on a railway facility and an airfield elsewhere in central Ukraine killed three individuals and wound around thirteen. Earlier Saturday, the United Kingdom Defense Ministry said intense fighting had occurred in the last forty-four hours as the Kyiv military continued their aggression against the Moscow army in the Kherson oblast. However, the ministry tweeted that Moscow forces are possibly trying to slow the Ukrainian attack with the help of artillery along the natural barricade of the Ingulets River.

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