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Russian President Orders Troops into Separatist-held Parts of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin ordered military troops into separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine some hours after he signed declarations of the Russian-backed regions sovereignty

Russian President Putin Orders Troops into Separatist-held Ukraine Parts

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, ordered his military troops into pro-Moscow regions of eastern Ukraine, which the Kremlin called a negotiation mission, some hours after he signed the announcement recognizing the independence of the Moscow-supported regions. It is uncertain if Moscow troop movements marked the starting of an attack on Ukraine that Western countries leaders warned about for last some weeks.

However, several American and Western officials warned the recent move of the Russian troops could serve as the beginning round of a more extensive military operation targeting Ukraine. The Russian leader blasted against the mounting security ties of Ukraine with the West; he was addressing the passionate speech on Monday night. He added that Kyiv said that Ukraine never had traditions of its own statehood. Putin also called the eastern region of the country ancient Russian lands.

Eastern Kyiv Separatists

In 2014, Pro-Moscow separatists in the Luhansk and Donetsk areas declared independence from Ukraine. The battle between the Ukrainian military and Moscow-backed rebels in this region killed over ten thousand individuals since April 2014. A senior United States governmental official said that the speech was intended to justify war to the Russians. Instead, it amounted to an invasion on the very idea of an autonomous and sovereign Ukraine using several false claims intended to justify its military action.

The official said that further Moscow attack and occupation costs regarding human lives would be devastating. Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, addressed the country early Tuesday, saying Russian actions breach the national sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine, and its international borders will remain as such. However, Zelensky said they are not afraid of anyone and are on their land in his video address. Further, he added that Ukraine had asked for an emergency meeting with Normandy Four, including France, Germany, and Russia.

Russian President Orders Troops into Separatist-held Parts of Ukraine
Russian President Putin Orders Troops into Separatist-held Ukraine Parts
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In recent years, Moscow also distributed several Russian passports to Donbas individuals, with Russian leaders trying to demonstrate facts on the ground by naturalizing Ukrainian nationals as Russian residents. Nevertheless, the Western countries and Kyiv maintain that the region is part of the area is part of the Ukrainian zone. At the same time, the Ukrainian administration declares the two areas have been in effect Russian-captured since 2014 when the dispute in eastern Ukraine started.

Putin Strengthens Combative Speech

Russian leader held a highly organized televised meeting on Monday with his top officials, blaming Kyiv for carrying out acts of invasion. In addition, Vladimir Putin also blamed the Western countries for threats and blackmail during the earlier unprepared assembling of the Russian security council that broadcasted on television in a remarkably theatrical situation.

Furthermore, the meeting broadcasted some hours after the announcement of the White House that American President Joe Biden agreed “in principle” to French-brokered dialogs with the Russian leader as long as Moscow doesn’t further attack Ukraine. However, earlier on 21st February, the Kremlin said still no solid plans for a conference.

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