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Russian President Warns Against Foreign Interference in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, has warned that any country attempting to interfere in the unprovoked war against Ukraine will face a swift response

Russian President Putin Warns Against Foreign Interference in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that any country or state trying to intervene in the Ukraine war would face a lightning-fast response from Moscow. Ukrainian allies accelerated the weaponry aid supplies, with the United States pledging to make sure Ukraine defeats Russia. Western officials announce that Russia is stepping up its war efforts in the east.

Last week, Russian forces launched a major offensive to take hold of the Donbas region after withdrawing from zones across Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital. However, according to one U.S. official, the Russian military finds it tough to overcome the consistent Ukrainian resistance and suffer losses. In addition, the E.U. accused Moscow of blackmail after Russia cut off natural gas exports to Bulgaria and Poland in another development.

Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, said that it showed Russian undependability as a supplier. Moscow said that they took extreme action because of the unfriendly steps of Western countries. Over forty countries met this week at a United States airbase in Germany and vowed to end heavy weaponry aid such as artillery.

On the other hand, Gazprom’s cut-off follows the refusal of Bulgaria and Poland to pay for gas imports in Russian currency, such as rubles. In March, Putin demanded that unfriendly countries pay their gas payments in Russian currency because its economy was severely hit amid the Western sanctions.

Fake Independence Referendum

Kyiv said that there were strong explosions heard overnight in Russian captured Kherson. During the Wednesday assault, Russian soldiers used stun grenades and tear gas to overturn pro-Ukrainian demonstrations. Ukraine said that they are shelling the entire nearby region and attacking Kryvyi Rih and Mykolaiv at present.

Ukraine accused Russia of making efforts to stage a fake independence referendum in the captured south. Furthermore, the Russian state media cited an official from a pro-Russian military-civilian commission in Kherson saying the region would start using the ruble from 1st May.

Russian President Warns Against Foreign Interference in Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin Warns Against Foreign Interference in Ukraine
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The U.S. says it hopes the Ukrainian military can’t resist the Russian assault on the east but weaken its forces so that it can no longer threaten neighboring countries in the future. Moscow says that amounts to NATO allies waging a proxy war against it. Moreover, Ben Wallace, the Defense Secretary of the United Kingdom, said that the Russian president’s remarks were a sign of desperation and represented its efforts to widen the aggression either with threats or with likely false flags.

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