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Russians to Keep off Work for One Week as COVID Deaths Soars

President Vladimir Putin ordered Russians to stay off work for a week starting later this month amid mounting COVID infections and deaths

Russians to Stay off Work for One Week as Virus Deaths Soars - Putin

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered most nationals to stay off work for at least seven days starting later this month as coronavirus infections and deaths are mounting in the country. He also urged hesitant Russians to receive vaccination shots. Moreover, the Russian COVID-19 task force reported around one thousand and twenty-eight deaths during the last twenty-four hours, the peak number since the beginning of the outbreak. The number brought the death toll of the country to around 226373, by far the highest in Europe.

The president also said that he supports the proposal of his cabinet to introduce a non-working duration starting 30th October and extend through the following week, when four of seven days are already non-working in the country, including a two-day federal holiday. In some regions of the country, where the situation amid virus is the most threatening, Putin added that the non-working duration could start as soon as Saturday and should extend past 7th November.

During a video conference call with top government officials, the president said that his government today’s task is to protect the health and life of Russians and minimize the costs of covid-19 infection. To achieve this goal, initially, it is necessary to slow the pace of infection and mobilize all other reserves of the health care system, which is currently working under a high strain.

Daily COVID-19 Mortality Numbers Topped 1000 in Russia

The daily coronavirus mortality numbers in Russian surged during the last some weeks and surpassed one thousand for the first time since the pandemic started over the weekend amid slow inoculation rates, lax attitudes toward adopting precautions from the public, and the unwillingness of the government to strict restrictions. Moreover, only around forty-five million Russian nationals – approximately a third of its almost one hundred and forty-six million people – received full vaccinations.

Russians to Keep off Work for One Week as COVID Deaths Soars
Russians to Stay off Work for One Week as Virus Deaths Soars – President Putin
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Furthermore, the non-working duration in Russia should help curb the spread of the COVID-19 by keeping Russians out of offices and off crowded public transportation, but Moscow and several other cities have not restricted access to cafes, restaurants, gyms, and bars. When Putin’s cabinet proposed the measure Tuesday, several Russians rushed to book flights to the resorts of the Black Sea to take advantage of the break.

Tatyana Golikova, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, who is also leading the coronavirus task force, stressed that the non-working week should suggest limiting access to theaters, restaurants, and other entertainment sites, adding that local officials will impose restrictions. She specifically urged her people to refrain from traveling to other areas during the period and stressed the need for relatives of those infected to stay home.

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