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Security in Afghanistan Worsening – Top US General

Security in Afghanistan is Worsening – Top US General Austin Miller

On Tuesday, the top general of the United States in Afghanistan gave a sobering evaluation of the failing security situation of the nation as the U.S. winds down its so-called forever war. Furthermore, General Austin Scott Miller said the instant loss of districts across the country to the Taliban – many with important strategic value – is troublesome.

Miller also warned that the militias groups deployed to help the struggling national security forces could lead the nation into civil war. Additionally, he told reporters in Kabul, the Afghanistan capital, that for now, he has the capability and arms to aid the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces. Finally, he said that just a political solution would bring peace to the war-tortured country.

Moreover, Miller adds that it is a political settlement that takes peace to the country, and it is not just the last twenty years. It is really the previous forty-two years. The top general was referring to not only the United States war but to the ten-year occupation of Russia that ended in 1989. After the conflict, a brutal civil war fought by some of the same leaders of Afghanistan deploying militias groups against the Taliban. Whereas the civil war empowered the Taliban, which took power in 1996.

The Pullout of U.S. Troops will complete by 4th July

The United States officials said that the withdrawal of American forces would most likely complete by 4th July with an outstanding force remaining to protect the Kabul international airport and the American embassy. Additionally, Miller refused to give any precise date or timeframe, referring only to the Biden’s September timeline that he announced in April when he declared the concluding withdrawal of the remaining thirty-five hundred American troops.

Security in Afghanistan Worsening – Top US General Austin Miller
Security in Afghanistan Worsening – Top US General Austin Miller
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Last week, U.S. President Biden met with Afghan leaders Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani at the White House to establish the continuous American commitment to Afghanistan. In an Oval Office meeting with both Afghan leaders, Biden said that the partnership between the United States and Afghanistan is not ending.

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