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Senate Democrats Proposed New Sanctions against Russia

The proposal of the Democratic leaders is meant to give them a White House-supported bill to show their support for the sovereignty of Ukraine

Senate Democratic Leaders Proposed New Sanctions against Russia

On Wednesday, Senate Democratic leaders proposed new sanctions against Russia if it attacks Ukraine, looking to overturn the GOP proposal that the White House fears could weaken unity with European partners. In addition, the proposal of Democrats meant to give them a White House-supported bill to show their support for the Ukraine sovereignty and intensify American pledges of economic sanctions against Russia, which deployed tens of thousands of military troops along the borders of Ukraine.

The Democratic legislation opens the door for more significance related to the natural gas pipeline, Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine. Moreover, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, stated that this legislation makes it very clear that the United States will not stand idly as Russia threatens a re-attack of Ukraine. Democratic leaders and the Biden government also intend to turn back any Democratic votes in the Senate for the rival bill by GOP Senator Ted Cruz.

The legislation of Cruz would heap the latest financial sanctions on operators of the gas pipeline whether or not Russian attacks. In the same way, Cruz’s bill is scheduled for a Senate vote this week. GOP leaders depicted top opposition of the Democratic party to Cruz’s legislation as U.S. President Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders demonstrating weakness against Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

Russia Tanks Prepare to Invade Ukraine

Cruz tweeted this week that Democratic pushing of Democratic representatives and the White House against his legislation works to benefit the Russian president while Russian tanks prepare to invade Ukraine. In addition, the Biden government argues the proposal of Cruz could damage relations with Germany, the most valued ally, which like the rest of European countries, is reliant on imported natural gas.

Approval of Cruz’s bill would risk splitting what government officials insist is a united front among the United States (U.S.) and its partner countries in Europe on penalizing Russia if it invades Ukraine. Democratic leaders say the conflict would strengthen Putin’s hand. Furthermore, the move from the Democrats would target the Russian leader, his military and civilian leaders, and leading Russian economic institutions. It is less instantly aggressive against Nord Stream 2 than Cruz’s bill, saying that the U.S. should consider all appropriate and available measures to prevent the gas pipeline from becoming operational.

Senate Democrats Proposed New Sanctions against Russia
Senate Democrats Proposed New Sanctions against Russia
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Natural Gas Crisis in Europe

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline would double the volume of gas pushed by Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom directly to Germany. Gazprom claims it would make long-term supply more reliable. On the other hand, the critics of the gas pipeline say it increases the influence of Russia on Europe, pits member states against one another, and deprives Poland and Ukraine of billions earned from transit fees.

Europe entered winter with insufficient gas reserves, which surged natural gas prices to eight times high what they were at the start of 2021. Russian president used that supply crisis to help make his push for concluding European and German approval of the project. On Wednesday, the director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) accused Russia of worsening the natural gas crisis of Europe.

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