Home Updates Some Missourians receive Vaccination Secretly to avoid backlashes

Some Missourians receive Vaccination Secretly to avoid backlashes

The vaccine is polarizing the society as some Missourians are getting vaccinated are requesting the hospital administration to keep their vaccination secret because of the fear of criticism from their loved ones

A doctor told CNN on Wednesday that the coronavirus vaccine has become the source of polarization as some Missourians are receiving vaccination in secret for fear of criticism from their loved ones, including family and friends who oppose vaccination. The chief medical information officer at Ozarks Healthcare in West Plains, Missouri, Dr. Priscilla Frase, said that they came across some experiences that changed their mind from the point of view of those in their family, their work, or those in their friendship circles.

Frase told Anderson Cooper of CNN that they did their own study on it, and they communicated to individuals and decided themselves. However, they were able to make those decisions themselves, and they did not want to have to deal with outbursts or peer pressure from other individuals about them. She said in a hospital-produced video that one pharmacist at her hospital told her they met several people who decided to take vaccination and tried to sort of mask their appearance and even requested their vaccination to keep secret from others.

Furthermore, Frase told CNN if any patient requests for privacy about their vaccination, the hospital tries to fulfill the request – whether at their cars or the drive-thru window. She adds that the hospital administration does anything that it can to vaccinate the people. But, on the other hand, she adds that it is not a large number, but every single individual that they met for vaccination and they accommodate him, that is a win.

Dramatic Polarization of COVID-19 Vaccines

The claim of the doctor reflects the dramatic polarization of the coronavirus vaccine and the level to which shot disbelief hardened into vaccine refusal. However, researches of the three approved vaccines revealed that they are not hundred percent effective but still provide solid protection against coronavirus infection and severe illness. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that many people hospitalized and dying of coronavirus are those who still do not receive the vaccination.

Some Missourians receive Vaccination Secretly to avoid backlashes
Some Missourian People receive Vaccination Secretly to avoid backlashes
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According to CDC, Missouri has forty-one percent of its population who received full inoculation against the virus, which ranks thirteenth-lowest among all American states. Though the state stands among some of the highest rates of new infections per capita in recent weeks as the COVID-19 preyed upon the unvaccinated. The CoxHealth health system stated that they are increasing the mortuary capacity because of the surge in coronavirus-related deaths.

Steve Edwards, the CEO and CoxHealth President said during the press briefing that they arranged a portable technology that allows dead bodies to be cooled and placed outside the mortuary. In the coming days, they will expand it because the death rate increased too much.