Home Updates State Department allows American Nationals to Self-Select Gender on Passport

State Department allows American Nationals to Self-Select Gender on Passport

The Americans will soon be able to self-select gender on their passports without providing medical documentation

US State Department allows Nationals to Self-Select Gender on Passport

According to several reports, the American nationals will soon able to self-select gender on their passports without providing supporting or medical documentation. The Department of State announced the major change in the policy on Wednesday. In a press release, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, announced that the Department decided to change its policies regarding gender identification on passports.

After the latest move of the Department, passport applicants will be able to identify and self-select their gender as Male or Female and will require no longer a doctor’s note if their self-selected gender does not match the gender on any other forms of government identification forms, such as drivers licenses and citizenship papers.

The State Secretary announced that the State Department is working on adding an option for intersex, gender non-conforming, and intersex Americans who are applying for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) or passports. Furthermore, he adds that the Department proceeds towards these steps after significant consultation with like-minded governments who take on similar changes.

Blinken also called the process technology complex and stated that it would take extensive system updates, but the Department would update travelers, and sooner they would provide interim solutions on their website. Moreover, the change will create a gender marker on passports and citizenship certificates for Americans who identify as intersex or nonbinary or else don’t conform to traditional gender roles.

Biden Administration is Promoting LGBTQ+ Rights

According to State Secretary, the procedure is complex and will take some time to complete. Meanwhile, American nationals who are applying for passports and proof of citizenship in case of birth abroad will not need anymore to show medical certificates if their mentioned gender doesn’t match their other ID documents. Until 30 June 2021, the Department of State had required a certificate of a doctor stating that passport applicants had transitioned their gender or were in the process of changing their gender status on official consular papers.

State Department allows American Nationals to Self-Select Gender on Passport
State Department allows American Nationals to Self-Select Gender on Passport
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Since taking power, the Biden government took many steps to promote LGBTQ+ rights. Likewise, the administration changed the White House website to allow for more comprehensive pronouns, including other, they/them, prefer not to share along with he/him, she/her. Additionally, those who select others are also provided with space to write in their chosen pronouns. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, also tried to push Congress to approve the Equality Act.

The Equality Act would protect legal protections for the LGBTQ community in America into law and condemn the recent wave of discriminatory bills under debate or approved in several state legislatures. According to the maintained list from the National Center for Transgender Equality, in just the 2021 legislative session, twenty-three states considered over fifty bills targeting transgender youth.

Which Other Countries Adopted Similar LGBTQ Rights Policies?

Including the U.S., over a half-dozen other nations – including New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, Nepal, and Australia – adopted similar policies. In addition, twenty American states, including the District of Columbia, allow gender on licenses of drivers to identified with an X. The recent move accomplishes Biden’s campaign, who from the start raised concerns that with legal documented evidence of their self-identified gender, nonbinary and transgender Americans risk being denied housing, employment, and many other benefits, including the right to vote.

State Department Reversed Policy in May that Disproportionally Affect LGBTQ

In May, the Department of State overturned another policy that had disproportionally affected LGBTQ families and granted United States nationality to babies born overseas to married couples with at least one parent having American nationality – no matter which parent was biologically related to the child. Furthermore, the policy was a victory for same-sex couples, effectually guaranteed that binational and American couples who use assisted reproductive tech to give abroad – such as sperm donations or surrogates – can approve along with nationality to their children.

The Britain ambassador to the United States, Karen Pierce, noted that the United Kingdom had since appointed lesbian, gay and gender-fluid representatives. However, she said that difficulties for LGBT diplomats and their families include postings to countries where cultures are hesitant toward gay rights, and they are at risk during their work.

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