Home Updates Supreme Court Dismissed Final GOP-led 2020 Election Case

Supreme Court Dismissed Final GOP-led 2020 Election Case

Supreme Court Dismissed Last Republican-led 2020 Election Case and ordered the Lower Courts to Dismiss the Case as Moot

Supreme Court Dismissed Final Republican-led 2020 Election Case

The United States Supreme Court dismissed the GOP-led case challenging voting rules of Pennsylvania in the 2020 November Election on Monday. In addition, the decision brought an end to the Republican’s post-election legal campaign five months after Election Day and got a blow to the GOP’s efforts to exercise more control over future elections. Bognet v. Degraffenreid, the case, challenged a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision that extended the battlefield deadline of the state for receiving mail-in votes, arguing that Pennsylvania’s voting rules can only set by the state legislatures under the United States Constitution.

Furthermore, the legal dispute in the case used repetitively by the Republican party, including former President Donald Trump and his legal crew in their proceedings trying to upturn the presidential election – despite they struck down repetitively, including by a Trump appointee. Several conservative-leaning justices of the Supreme Court suggested in sentiments around the election that they could probably rule in favor of that theory, though it raised concerns among Democrats the high court might give GOP-led state legislatures free rein to enforce voting rules that can’t inverted by the court or state officials.

Dismiss the Case as Moot

Advocates for Jim Bognet, the ex-Republican congressional candidate, who took the case, argued that the Supreme Court of the United States should still hear the case so it can disturb future elections, saying the court should start the process of raising the bulk of doubt that hangs over this area of the law. Whereas the U.S. Supreme Court terminated the case on Monday and directed the lower appeals court to throw out the case as moot, which the Republican accusers wanted the court to do if they decide not to start the case.

Supreme Court Dismissed Final GOP-led 2020 Election Case
Supreme Court Dismissed Final GOP-led 2020 Election Case
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According to Marc Elias, the attorney of the Democratic Party, the GOP-led case was the last unsettled post-election case. According to the statistics by Elias, that is how many post-election cases Republicans petitioners either lost or dismissed. Rick Hasen, the election law expert, told CNN about the likely consequences if the Supreme Court took up the case that a majority of the justices of the Supreme Court could reasonably believe that state legislatures have additional power when it comes to setting the federal election rules, even if it means directing state supreme courts depending on state constitutions to restrict legislative power. It would be an extraordinary shift in election power in the states.

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