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Taliban Leaders Claim Victory in Panjshir Province

Taliban claimed that they captured Afghanistan's Panjshir province and said that they completely conquered the region

Taliban Leaders Claim Victory in Panjshir Province

The spokesperson of Taliban forces, Ali Nazary claimed that they captured the Panjshir province of Afghanistan and said that they completely conquered the region following two weeks of aggressive fighting with a local resistance group. Panjshir was the last remaining hold-out among the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan to resist the Taliban. If the Taliban’s claim is true, it would mean the insurgents now control all provinces of the country.

On the other hand, an anti-Taliban group, the National Resistance Front in Afghanistan (NRF) denied the claim of the Taliban. Whereas Nazary told CNN that they are still facing resistance all over the valley. Ahmad Massoud, the NRF leader stated yesterday that there is no military pressure on them and their territory will decrease their resolve to continue their battle.

Massoud Calls for international support for a National Uprising

In a Facebook post, Masoud requested Afghans all over the world to join a general revolution for the sake of freedom, honor, and pride in the country. He also appealed for international support for his cause. Users shared videos and photos mainly on social media platforms in which a white flag of the Taliban was raised between buildings that appeared to be the governor’s office of Panjshir in Bazarak, the provincial capital.

Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesperson of the Taliban tweeted that the group conquered the last stronghold of the mercenary. Furthermore, he assured that the Taliban will not treat the residents of Panjshir with any discrimination, as they are all brothers and eventually the group will work for one country and one goal in collaboration with them. He also announced that with the recent victory and efforts, Afghanistan is completely out of the vortex of pro-long war.

Later during a news conference, Mujahid said that they cleared Panjshir last night without any casualties in the last some days and captured all weapons of enemies. Earlier in the day, the NRF said that it didn’t deny the fall of the Panjshir’s center. Nazary said that NRF controls most of the districts of Bazarak and all the neighboring valleys. The NRF declared the Taliban’s claim false and said that their forces are present in all strategic positions all over the valley to combat.

Massoud also Lost his Family Members during the Taliban Attack

In a Facebook post, Massoud said that he lost his family members in the fighting in Panjshir. Further, he added that the NRF accepted the request of religious leaders to halt the fighting. But on the other side, the Taliban showed their identity and revealed that they have no belief in Sharia. He continued that the insurgents started attacking them which resulted in the killing of a big number of the citizens including his family members.

What is the geographical importance of Panjshir?

Panjshir is a strategic region that contains a slice of mountainous land enrich with precious mineral resources across ninety miles north of Kabul. It has a long history of resisting the Taliban. During the last rule of the Taliban in the 1990s. it was the center of resistance against them. For the last fifteen days, the NRF continued the battle against the Taliban following the Taliban’s nearly complete seizure of Afghanistan.

Taliban Insurgents Claim Victory in Panjshir Province
Taliban Insurgents Claim Victory in Panjshir Province
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According to NRF, its spokespersons, General Abdul Wudod Zara and Fahim Dashty killed in the fight with the insurgents. Kareemi, the spokesperson of the Taliban claimed on Sunday that the enemy suffered heavy fatalities including their commanders. Kareemi further added that currently, Taliban troops are advancing toward Bazarak and Rokha.

Taliban requested Humanitarian Staff Security and Safety

On Sunday, the United Nations (UN) stated that insurgent’s authorities requested that the security and safety of humanitarian staff, and also requested humanitarian access to people in need. The pledge comes after Martin Griffiths, the UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, met with Mullah Baradar, the Taliban co-founder & deputy leader, and other senior Taliban leaders in Kabul to reiterate the commitment of the UN to humanitarian aid there.

Aid planes from Bahrain and Qatar landed in Kabul on Sunday to transport over fifty tons of food products and medical aid to the residents of Afghanistan. It is the second aid shipment to reach Kabul international airport from Qatar since the American troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan on 30th August. Moreover, the first aid shipment arrived Saturday, with a cargo plane carrying some seventeen tons of aid, according to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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