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Ten dead in New York Buffalo Supermarket Shooting

A white 18-year-old suspect from Conklin, New York, identified as Payton S. Gendron, opened fire with a rifle at a Buffalo supermarket store

Ten dead in New York Buffalo Supermarket Shooting

A racially motivated eighteen-year-old white man opened fire in a black neighborhood in New York State, killing ten people. The shooter, Payton Gendron, was wearing military gear and live streaming the violent event with a helmet camera and was carrying a rifle to attack the public in the Buffalo supermarket. According to police, the extremist shot eleven Black and two white people before surrendering to security officials in a riot he broadcasted live on Twitch.

Gendron started firing in the car parking of the store before entering and continuing his assault. Afterward, a judge in a paper medical gown accused him of murder charges. Moreover, the United States President Joe Biden condemned the attack and described it as a despicable act. CBSN News reported that the suspect shouted racial smears during the shooting and suggested that he had also written a racial slur written on his gun.

Gendron was believed to drive around two hundred miles to reach the unfortunate shooting place. Police stated that seven people were shot dead inside the supermarket and three people were dead in the car park area. An ex-police officer, Aaron Salter, was working as a security guard in the shopping mall and was shot dead in the attack. According to police authorities, Salter tried to shoot the suspect, who shot him dead.

Recent Hate Crimes History of the United States

Byron Brown, the Mayor of Buffalo, told reporters that there is the worst nightmare that any community in the country can face, and they can’t let this hateful suspect divide the community or nation. Hate crimes in the United States hit a twelve-year high in 2020, with more than ten thousand individuals reporting offenses related to their race, sexuality, disability, gender, or religion.

Ten dead, three Wounded in New York Buffalo Supermarket Shooting
Ten dead, three Wounded in New York Buffalo Supermarket Shooting
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Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics suggested that crime against black Americans and Asians, in particular, surged in 2020. However, as police are not assigned to submit hate crime figures to the FBI, those statistics are likely to be an undercount. So far, Saturday’s Buffalo attack is thought to be the worst mass shooting in the United States in 2022 and will also provoke a bitter political fight about gun control in the country.

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