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The US Announced to Send Another $800m Military Aid for Ukraine

Biden Announced to Send Another $800m Military Aid for Ukraine

The United States approximately doubled its military aid for the Ukrainian government Wednesday after President Joe Biden announced to approve another $800 million in arms for the war-torn country. Moreover, the announcement came some days after the Biden administration said it would deliver an additional $200 million worth of anti-aircraft, anti-tank defenses, and small arms. It brings the total American supply of defensive equipment for the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, to $2 billion over the last year.

Some hours before the Biden announcement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered an emotional speech to Congress requesting more aid and assistance. On Saturday, the U.S. president directed $200 million in military assistance from his presidential drawdown authority. The remaining aid will come from a $13.6 billion aid package to Ukraine that Congress approved last week and divided into security and humanitarian assistance. The aid will take the form of direct transfers of military equipment from the U.S. Defense Department to the Ukrainian armed forces to help them defend their nation against Russian unjustified aggression.

Details of Recent Announced Biden Package

According to the White House recent fact sheet, the following equipment are part of the latest Biden government package:

  • Six thousand AT-4 anti-armor systems
  • Two thousand Javelin anti-armor missiles
  • One thousand light anti-armor weapons
  • Eight hundred Stinger anti-aircraft systems
  • One hundred Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Twenty-five thousand sets of body armor
  • Twenty-five thousand helmets
  • Seven thousand small arms for both civilian and military use (five thousand rifles, one thousand pistols, four hundred machine guns, four hundred shotguns, and hundred grenades)
The US Announced to Send Another $800m Military Aid for Ukraine
The Biden Government Announced to Send Another $800m Military Aid for Ukraine
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Previous U.S. Aid Committed to Ukraine

The following are the details of earlier United States aid committed to Ukraine:

  • Around twenty-six hundred Javelin anti-armor systems
  • More than six hundred Stinger anti-aircraft systems
  • Three military patrol boats
  • Two hundred machine guns and two hundred shotguns
  • Four counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) and counter artillery tracking radars
  • Approximately forty million rounds of small arms ammunition and more than one million grenades, artillery, and mortar rounds
  • Five Mi-17 helicopters
  • Two hundred grenade launchers and ammunition
  • Four counter-mortar radar systems
  • Military medical equipment to support treatment and combat evacuation
  • Seventy High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles and other vehicles

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