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The US States Divided on Gun Control Measures

Most US states remained divided and either took no action on gun controls or acted aggressively to expand firearms rights

States Divided on Gun Control Moves but Mass Shootings Rise Nationwide

Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington, reacted immediately to the bloodshed at a Texas elementary school by tweeting and saying that his state took the gun control measures. He ended the tweet by putting the ball in Congress’ court. However, the gun control moves are possibly going nowhere in Congress and have become gradually uncommon in many U.S. states.

Apart from many Democratic-controlled states, most have taken no action on gun control during the last few years. Instead, some of them moved aggressively to expand gun rights. That is because those states are Republican-controlled and oppose gun restrictions or have a different political stance on the matter.

Texas School Elementary Shooting

A Democratic leader in the Republican-controlled Arkansas Legislature, Senator Greg Leding, said he is in a position to introduce legislation against gun violence. After Tuesday’s deadly shooting at Texas Elementary School that left nineteen students and two teachers dead, Democratic representatives and governors all over the country issued passionate appeals for additional efforts to tackle mental health and bolster security levels in schools.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott repeatedly raised his voice about mental health struggles in youth and demanded to reactive stricter gun laws in states such as California and New York. Tennessee Republican representative tweeted that the state needs to enhance security by hiring security officers in all schools.

The US States Divided on Gun Control Measures
The US States Divided on Gun Control Measures
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Tony Evers, the Wisconsin Governor, repeatedly clashed with the Republican-controlled Legislature against gun violence. He also demanded the passage of the red flag and universal background check laws, but GOP leaders ignored both laws.

Legislative Democrats requested reconsideration Wisconsin gun safety bills on Wednesday, one day after the Texas shooting. The majority leader of the GOP Senate, Devin LeMahieu, and the Assembly speaker, Robin Vos, did not respond to messages seeking their comments.

House Republicans in Pennsylvania strongly opposed the gun restrictions Wednesday, as Democratic lawmakers sought to ban high-capacity, semi-automatic firearms. A Republican-majority legislature has refused to take steps – such as expanding background checks or limiting the number of handgun acquisitions one individual can make per month – to tighten gun control laws over the last two decades.

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