Home Updates This Summer France will Open to Inoculated Americans – Emmanuel Macron

This Summer France will Open to Inoculated Americans – Emmanuel Macron

Vaccinated Americans would be allowed to Enter France in this Summer

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said on Sunday that the Americans who received vaccination would have permission to enter France in summer after more than a year. Moreover, France prepares to cut back its COVID-19 lockdown restrictions next month and welcome international travelers with vaccine passports.

France will start gradually lifting countrywide coronavirus restrictions in early May and will progressively allow visitors from European Union (UN) member countries along with the United States, according to Macron during his appearance on CBS News’s Face the Nation. Furthermore, the president adds that they will organize during summer with their health professionals in France to facilitate travel for European and French residents, along with American nationals.

On the other side, European officials are working on a special pass to save travelers’ COVID-19 vaccination status or negative PCR COVID-19 test results and allow them to travel all over France and the rest of the EU. The French president told Face the Nation that dialogues between the White House and his administration are in progress to overcome technicalities about travel between the two nations.

Macron also adds that his aim is to make the coming tourist season of summer the best possible season with the opportunity for the citizens of America to come to France. France government is the latest one who announces that it will allow U.S. nationals within its borders for the first time since March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent much of the world into stricter lockdown.

France Surpassed 1000000 Coronavirus Deaths

Greece will also allow American visitors with vaccine passports to fly into select Greek airports as early as next week. A recent poll from MMGY Global found that while American nationals specify, they are increasingly looking forward to domestic travel, under one in five said they would take international tours any time soon. Travelers from the United States still mainly banned in several European countries and across other countries globally, though a growing number are starting to reopen to American nationals.

This Summer France will Open to Inoculated Americans – Emmanuel Macron
This Summer France will Open to Inoculated Americans – Emmanuel Macron
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The plan of the French president for free travel by this number is an optimistic one. According to a Johns Hopkins University statistic, last week, France crossed one lac COVID-19 deaths. With over 5.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, it is home to the worst outbreak in Europe regarding a total number of infections. France is in the middle of its 3rd countrywide lockdown, put into place late last month after the spike of new cases.

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