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Trump Criticized Biden Spending Infrastructure Bills

Trump slams Biden spending bills as 'Green New Deal' and warned Democrats will lose many House seats in midterm 2022 elections

Trump called the Biden Legislation a 'Rip-off' for the American People

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, criticized the spending plan of President Biden and called it the “Green New Deal Bill.” He warned that if Congress approved these bills, the American nation would face tax hikes, and the ruling party would lose several seats in the House of Representatives during the following year’s midterms.

The former president discussed Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda and the bipartisan infrastructure spending package pending in the Congress during an exclusive interview on Fox News. Biden faced difficulties reaching a deal that fulfills the demands of both moderate and progressive Democrats on the infrastructure spending bills and reconciliation in both the Senate and the House.

Trump told Fox News that it is difficult to believe the Biden government won’t do it, but if it does, it will be going to cost the Democratic president in the 2022 midterm election. Americans do not want it, and it is a swindle for America, and it is a big tax increase. However, the United States lawmakers approved the $1.2 trillion spending infrastructure bill in Congress with 228-206 votes.

Green New Deal Bill

The former president hit Biden’s infrastructure package and said that it is not an infrastructure bill. Trump echoed Republican complaints that the mainstream of the bill not focused on infrastructure but somewhat on other spending items. He also called the spending legislation a “Green New Deal bill.”

Trump was relating the president’s spending plan to the Green New Deal, which planned to combat climate change, reduce economic inequity, and more, merging ideas unified in ex-President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signature New Deal and modern ideas such as resource efficiency and renewable energy. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberal representatives pushed the bill in 2019.

Trump Criticized Biden Spending Infrastructure Bills
Trump called the Biden Legislation a ‘Rip-off’ for the American People
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Trump also talked about the infighting between Democrats and the White House and among representatives in both the Senate and House on the spending infrastructure packages. The previous month, the Senate and the White House Democratic leadership faced difficulties to reach a deal to secure the support of moderate Democratic senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

On Friday, the president canceled his plan trip to Rehoboth to stay in Washington, as the White House and Democratic leaders tried to meet enough support among House progressive leaders to approve the bipartisan infrastructure spending bill by Friday night. In addition, Trump said that the approval of the legislation would benefit the GOP in 2022.

Trump Predicted that Republicans would Pick Thirty Extra Seats

The former president said that if Democrats vote on this bill, the Republicans will pick up additional thirty seats because Americans don’t want a tax hike, and they do not want a Green New Deal. In the meantime, a White House official told Fox News that the president is speaking with House leadership, moderates, and progressives in an intention to reach a solution Friday night.

House Democrats expected to have the votes to approve both the reconciliation spending bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill Friday. In addition, the social spending bill, once valued at $3.5 trillion, is now down to a smaller $1.75 trillion after moderates and progressive Democrats agreed to reduce programs, including universal community college.

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