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Trump Intends to Sue CNN for Reporting Him Wrong

After CNN dismissed his voter fraud allegations during the 2020 US presidential election, former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he would sue them

Donald Trump Intends to Sue CNN for Reporting Him Wrong

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, said that he intends to sue media giant CNN and other media agencies that reported him wrong when he suggested the widespread fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, even though he repeatedly lost cases earlier concerning his false claims of election fraud.

In a letter, Trusty argued that CNN rushed to label former Republican President Trump a liar for his unverified voter fraud allegations and constantly supported a narrative that criticized the proficiency and authenticity of the former president. For example, the letter quoted Jussie Smollett, the actor who falsely claimed he was a hate crime victim, saying CNN treated Trump worse than other public figures.

According to a statement that Trump released on Wednesday, he intends to sue media outlets that “deceived the public about the overwhelming evidence of fraud.” Still, Trump has yet to provide any proof to support his declaration. Moreover, it would differ from the earlier cases since it would dispute CNN’s coverage, rather than the election results, in the weeks following election night in 2020. Trump repeatedly went to court and lost in cases involving his allegations of election fraud.

Trump Track Record with Defamation Suits

It is also worth noting that former President Trump did not have a good track record dealing with defamation suits. Furthermore, a federal judge tossed CNN’s lawsuit against the former president’s campaign in 2020 to claim that the network was biased against the former president and was wrong to publish an opinion piece suggesting the former president might have sought Russian help to affect the presidential elections results of 2020.

Trump Intends to Sue CNN for Reporting Him Wrong
Donald Trump Intends to Sue CNN for Reporting Him Wrong
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During the House January 6 committee hearings this summer, Trump’s false voter fraud claims were among the hot topics, with top advisors telling him the claims were untrue. Trusty’s letter appeared to acknowledge that Trump’s earlier legal efforts to overturn election results were farfetched. At one point, Trusty said, “Lawyers for the President attempted to back up President Biden’s victory with claims that an elaborate international conspiracy coupled with a common voting machine played a role in the outcome.”

Big Lie and Lying

According to Trusty, over seven thousand and seven hundred times references were made to the Big Lie on CNN. Moreover, the letter said that CNN does not have the right to continue to use the words’ big lie’ and ‘lying’ when describing President Trump’s subjective belief about the integrity of the 2020 election and must immediately discontinue it. Last month, Licht reportedly said CNN should tone down its use of the phrase “Big Lie” amid allegations that the network is biased.

CNN has willfully acted in disregard of the truth and recklessly acted in disregard of the truth by refusing to acknowledge that President Trump could be correct. Since leaving office, President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the 2020 election was “rigged” against him due to CNN’s relentless and willful campaign to characterize him as a liar and perpetrator of the “Big Lie.”

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