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Trump warns to take back Seattle protest zone

United States President Donald Trump has warned the demonstrators to take back a police-free district the law enforcement had conceded to the protesters earlier following a violent confrontation with them. Police lost a precinct in the city on Monday after days of fierce protests by the public. Mr. Trump said the area had been unlawfully captured by “Domestic Terrorists” but Washington state authorities are calling for leniency. The affairs in the area were not good, however, following the police withdrawal the protests have largely been peaceful.

Trump threatened to regain the control of the Chaz (an abbreviation of Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) where crowds were gathering to organize protests, hear speeches and attend events. The protests in Seattle, WA erupted in response to the death of George Floyd, an African American under police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The President has pressed the states to take strong action against the violent protesters and those involved in vandalism and looting while also calling for police reforms including increase of funding and training. He outlined proposals for new national guidelines on the use of force but rejected the calls for defunding the institution as an extreme agenda. Demonstrators in US are calling for making cuts to police budgets and diverting their flow to the communities.

Protesters marching in Chaz

The area around East Precinct in Seattle was turned into a battleground between police and demonstrators. The situation deteriorated fast over the two last weeks prompting the governor to send in the National Guard while curfew was enforced by the mayor to control the damage. The angry protesters attacked the police with petrol bombs, crackers and missiles. Local media also reported the torching of police vehicles and looting in the area. At the weekend, the police challenged the demonstrators with tear gas and flash bangs but only to be admonished by city council which blamed the local police department for high handedness.

The Mayor of the Seattle on Monday ordered the removal of barricades near the precinct and the police building was shielded to escape from the wrath of violent protesters. The protesters have since then encroached a zone spanning about six blocks of Capitol Hill. According to the local media festival-like atmosphere was observed in the area with music, movie nights, poetry readings and speeches by activists. While the demonstrators claim they are leaderless armed volunteers are checking for the ID of people joining the protesters in Chaz.

Republican President clearly unhappy with the situation and frustrated with the behavior of protesters blasted the Democratic rivals for their inaction and allowing the public freewill in the north-western US state of Washington through a series of tweets.

“Take back your city Now,” Trump. Wrote on Thursday. “If you don’t do it, I will.”

In another rant, he said, “Domestic terrorists have taken over Seattle”, adding that Governor Jay Inslee was “looking the fool”.

Mr. Inslee hit back: “A man who is totally incapable of governing should stay out of Washington state’s business.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan also lashed out at President and defended the demonstrators.

“Make us all safe. Go back to your bunder,” she said.

“The threat to invade Seattle, to divide and incite violence in our city, is not only unwelcome, it would be illegal,” she added.