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Twenty Percent of American Adults Received Booster

According to the CDC statement, one in five American adults who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus have received a booster shot

One in 5 Adults Who are Fully Vaccinated have Received Booster - CDC

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five fully vaccinated American adults against coronavirus received a booster dose. The country achieved a new vaccination milestone after the expansion of booster doses eligibility from the agency. Moreover, the drug agency says more than thirty-six million fully vaccinated U.S. adults had received COVID-19 booster doses as of Tuesday.

The United States averaged about seven hundred fifty-eight thousand new booster shots per day in the seven-day period ending Thursday. In addition, the CDC noted its first key bump in vaccine booster doses after making adults and seniors with underlying health issues or high-risk jobs authorized for an additional shot of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in late September, with average daily booster shots greater than quadrupling to four hundred thousand per week after the decision.

One week after the recommendation of the CDC to administer booster doses for high-risk Moderna vaccine receivers and all Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine recipients in later October, the average number of per day booster doses administered in the U.S. surged again from three hundred thirty-five thousand to more than eight hundred twenty thousand. On Friday, the CDC made all American adults eligible for extra doses, regardless of vaccine type. Since then, the drug agency has not reported a day average.

Some States Expanded Boosters Eligibility to All Adults Before the CDC approval

More than nineteen million Americans ages sixty-five and older received a booster dose, adding up to 41.5 percent of fully vaccinated seniors. On the other hand, after facing a COVID-19 surge, states like Maine, Colorado, and Utah expanded coronavirus booster doses eligibility to all American adults before the CDC approved it last week. Colorado experienced a hospital capacity crisis when the state extended eligibility fifteen days ago, with ninety-five percent of ICU beds and ninety-four percent of medical-surgical beds occupied at the time.

New Mexico also reported an increase in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths when it permitted all adults to take booster doses almost two weeks ago. Instead, California luckily not faced a surge in cases yet, but it broadened boosters’ eligibility to all adults earlier in November amid concerns over a possible winter coronavirus spike. Furthermore, the advisory board of CDC also recommended booster doses for the U.S. adults fifty and older and adults in long-term health care facilities who took Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccine.

Twenty Percent of American Adults Received Booster
Twenty Percent of American Adults Received Booster
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In October, the CDC announced that Americans can mix-and-match strategy for their booster doses and not essentially need to take the same vaccine brand they received initially. The federal government is expanding booster dose access amid an abrupt surge in coronavirus infections. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the U.S., also urged millions of Americans who already received full vaccination shots against the virus to take booster doses to optimize their status. He added that fully immunized friends and families could safely go and organize get-togethers for the Christmas holidays without wearing facemasks. He also said that enjoy your holiday season with your family and friends.

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