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Twitter Starts Testing New Feature, Communities

Twitter announced that it began testing the Communities feature – which allows users to join groups based on their interests

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it started testing out the latest feature named Communities – which allows users to join groups based on their interests and tweet directly to them their favorite topics, just like a Reddit subreddit or Facebook Groups works – the latest move by the social media platform to grow its audience after previously failed features such as Fleets.

Users having Apple IOS devices can access the feature through a tab at the app bottom. On the other side, the Android users will still have to wait because the company didn’t announce the release date of the feature for them. Only some Twitter Communities. On subjects such as sneakers, weather, astrology, dogs, and skincare, are available at launch, but the firm said it expects more releases every week.

How to Use Twitter Communities?

Moreover, each Twitter Community will have moderators to add users to the group, and anybody within the group will be able to directly tweet to other users in the Community instead of tweeting to their followers. Tweets within the Twitter Community feature are not private. Any user outside the Community will be able to see tweets in the group.

Those users who have interests in creating their own Community will be able to complete an interest form on Twitter’s website, and Twitter said it would build and update the latest feature with the feedback of the public. On Wednesday, David Regan, the Twitter staff project manager, wrote that there has always been a comprehensive weird and wonderful range of chats on Twitter, but the firm has not done enough to help connect users who are into the same things.

Monetizable Daily Active Users

Initially, Twitter teased the release of the Community feature in February, together with Super Follows, which launched last week and allowed people to charge users to gain access to extra content. At that time, Twitter stated that it aimed to expand to three hundred and fifteen million monetizable daily active users and touch $7.5 billion yearly revenue by the 2023 end, according to the reports of CNBC.

Until now, the social media giant said it is on the way to add users, with the firm reporting in its latest earnings call progress in the number of monetizable daily active users by eleven percent, following the introduction of Super Follows. But, overall, the company struggled to grow its user base during the last some years, while it experienced occasional gains in traffic.

Twitter Starts Testing New Feature, Communities
Twitter Starts Testing New Feature, Communities Similar To Facebook Groups
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During the initial quarter of 2021, Twitter reported one hundred and ninety-nine million monetizable daily active users, just a little bit of the target two hundred million. It resulted in an eleven percent slump in the stock value of Twitter. The company also fell on releasing new features to attract new users to its network. In November, Twitter launched a mirror to the popular Snapchat and Instagram stories, but in the end, it removed the feature just eight months after the launch.

Abusive and toxic tweets are always a constant problem for the platform, leading some celebrities such as social media personality Chrissy Teigen to halt his profile temporarily. As a result, users are pushing the company to introduce new tools to give users control over who mentions them.

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