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U.S. Calls on Pyongyang to Engage Diplomatically

The United States Calls on Pyongyang to Engage Diplomatically

The United States government announced to engage diplomatically with North Korea to achieve the final goal of the denuclearization of the country, following the achievement of a months-long American policy review on North Korea. On Monday, Antony Blinken, the United States Secretary of State, said during a virtual mutual news conference with the United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in London that what they have now is a policy that calls for a standardized practical approach that is open to and will intensify diplomacy with Pyongyang, in an effort to make reasonable progress that strengthens the security of the U.S., allies and deployed forces.

Raab said that the United States and the United Kingdom share the strategic model, and both nations will support the efforts of each other. The Biden government announced on Friday that it finalized the review of the policy of North Korea, expressing sincerity to conversations with the solitary socialist country. America also planned to appoint a special diplomat for the human rights issues of North Korea. North Korea smashed out at the United States and its partners on Sunday in some statements, saying recent remarks from Washington are proof of an antagonistic policy.

Head of the North Korean Foreign Ministry’s North America Department, Kwon Jong Gun, warned in a statement that North Korea would seek consistent measures and that if America tries to approach terms with Pyongyang over out-of-date policies from the viewpoint of Cold War, it will face a progressively unreasonable crisis shortly.

Biden Pledged to Maintain a Strong U.S. Military Presence in the Indo-Pacific

Joe Biden, the President of the U.S., identified competition with China as his government’s utmost foreign policy challenge. Last Wednesday, in his first speech to Congress, the president pledged to maintain a strong American military presence in the Indo-Pacific and boost American technological development. Blinken stated that Americans concerned about the aggressive actions of China against Taiwan and warned it would mark as a severe mistake for anybody to try to change the status quo in the western Pacific by power.

The United States Calls on Pyongyang to Engage Diplomatically
The United States Calls on Pyongyang to Engage Diplomatically
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North Korea and Iran, two countries whose nuclear programs have been the focus of dialogs during the last some years, their issue set to discuss at a working dinner Monday night. Including the United States and the United Kingdom, the G-7 includes Japan, France, Italy, Canada, and Germany. South Korea, South Africa, Brunei, Australia, and India are also taking part in this week’s negotiations. After the G-7 dialogues, Blinken scheduled to travel Ukraine to meet its President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky and other senior administration officials.

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