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U.S. President worried about new Georgia Election law


Joe Biden, the President of the United States, worried about a far-reaching election law approved in the state of Georgia, according to Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary. Biden showed his concerns that the new signed voting restrictions by Republican Governor Brian Kemp would prevent the public from carrying water to voters in line, restrict the use of absentee ballots and reduce open hours of polling at ballot locations.

Psaki tells reporters that there is nothing more important than the right to vote and speak up without any restrictions. Additionally, she expected the president to soon release a statement on the matter himself. Psaki voiced that it shouldn’t be more challenging but should be easier to vote. The administration shouldn’t put limitations in place during polling and allowed people to vote from home. Likewise, there should be several restrictions that need to be reversed, not put back in place.

The press secretary also voiced support for efforts by Congressional Democratic leaders to pass federal voting rights of people and election reform legislation. Such types of efforts already faced heavy Republican opposition. The new vote law of Georgia will impose new limitations, including limiting drop boxes, tougher identification requirements, shortening the initial voting period for all surplus elections, and giving representatives the power to take over local elections. Additionally, offering water and food to people waiting in line to vote now considered a misdemeanor offense as per new Georgia law.

Arrest and Release of a Black Georgia State Representative

Brian Kemp announced that he offered no apology for taking an exceptional step to making elections secure and fair, but opponent leaders describe the new law as among America’s most harmful efforts to limit access to the ballot box and intended to reduce the influence of Black voters. Security forces arrested and released Park Cannon, a Black Georgia lawmaker, after knocking on the door to Georgian Governor’s office as he signed the law.

U.S. President worried about new Georgia Election law
U.S. President worried about new Georgia Election law
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Jen Psaki said anybody who saw a video of the Black arrest would feel worried about law enforcement’s actions. Just a few months back, Democrats celebrated historic wins in the 2020 Presidential election and two Georgia Senate campaigns that helped deliver the United States Senate and the White House control to their party in Washington. Since 1992, Joe Biden was the first Democratic Presidential candidate to win the Georgia state.

Other Republican-controlled state administrations are pursuing voting restrictions in leading fighting states such as Arizona and Florida after former President Donald Trump blamed his election loss to Biden on claims of huge voter fraud.

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