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U.S. Supersonic Presidential Plane Exclusive Inside Look

Exclusive Inside Look of Exosonic U.S. Supersonic Presidential Plane in collaboration with USAF

Last September, the news broke that a California start-up, Exosonic was working with the United States Air Force (USAF) on developing a supersonic jet that could use as Air Force One. The Presidential and Executive Airlift Director handed over the contract to Exosonic after impressing the American military officials with its concept for a low-boom supersonic Mach 1.8 twinjet. CNN presented the exclusive inside look inside the cabin inner of the executive transport jet designed to carry the distinguished visitors of the United States Executive Branch.

It is a thirty-one-passenger derivative of Exosonic’s seventy-passenger commercial airliner concept and is the final in business planes – luxury leather, quartz fittings, and oak. It also includes private suits for rest and work. Furthermore, the functions of the presidential jet differ according to the requirement, but this craft might mainly used as Air Force Two, which is the call sign for aircraft carrying the American vice president.

New Technologies used in Supersonic Presidential Jet

Exosonic’s principal craft interior designer, Stephanie Chahan, says that with the concept, they are aiming to implement new technologies that are unavailable today or that you do not still see on business or commercial planes. The Three-passenger meeting room is the first of two private suites, with the facility of secure video teleconferencing so visitors can work, address the press, or go online.

Moreover, the rotatable leather seats designed with wooden shells, and you can store the video screen in a rolled position, so there is a proper area on the credenza sideboard for presentation equipment or food platters. Chahan says that whether they are flying the first lady, the vice president, or the first gentleman, the aircraft has a lot of flexibility.

Low-boom Supersonic Flight

The 2nd eight-passenger aircraft has lie-flat seats with adjustable table heights, and it is the space where senior staffers can work collaboratively with each other and rest. Afterward, there is the main cabin with twenty business-class seats, including two lavatories, two galleys, and plenty of stowing space. Additionally, the seatbacks have spaces for holding passenger’s electronic devices instead of traditional seat-back LCDs.

Chahan says that the design of the cabin inspired by the United States Executive Branch and its values and mission, along with the mobile falcon, famous for its speed – both by its attractive look and movement. The aircraft claims a range of five thousand nautical miles and boom-softening techniques, and it has the ability to fly overland at the almost double speed of sound without disturbing the residents on the ground.

The United States Supersonic Presidential Plane Exclusive Inside Look
The United States Supersonic Presidential Plane Exclusive Inside Look
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Mach 1.8 is almost 2222 kilometers (1381 miles an hour), which is over twice the typical speed of a long-distance commercial jet. Tie states CNN that the start-up company expects its supersonic aircraft to be flying in the skies by the mid-2030s.